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2020 – Between Challenges and Changes

Thank you for your support, for buying, tasting and sharing bars and RAWBITE moments. Let us share some of our highlights from 2020:

It feels like our RAWBITE team used this year to create an even stronger bond and to grow together. During the year we have had some new faces joining the team:

  • Matthias, CEO
  • Torben, Finance Manager
  • Anne, Supply Chain Manager
  • Patrik, Commercial Manager
  • Liz, Administrative Support

Therefore, we had an amazing photoshoot for the team, which was definitely one of the highlights. Best performer: Frank (he denies it, but we are still wondering if he was a model earlier in his career)!

In January we were able to attend the Nordic Weekend in Oberstdorf, Germany. Definitely a highlight to meet Ambassador Carina Vogt! And to offer a taste experience with our RAWBITE bars.

Being back in the office from an amazing event can make it hard to just sit at the desk. Sometimes all you need to get that workflow starting is a little music:

  • Most played playlist in the office: Chill Vibes
  • Best DJ in the office: Tina (even though not everyone agrees with her playing Christmas music before December)!

Each team member brought in his or her abilities and helped to make projects at RAWBITE really special:

Now let's share some amazing facts with you:

  • Bestseller: Trialbox
  • Your favourite flavour: Cacao
  • Amount of cashews used in the production: 61.737 kilograms
  • Amount of cocoa powder used in the production: 6.862 kilograms
  • First place in a taste test in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung
  • Most successful Instagram post: 8.634 likes
  • Eaten RAWBITE bars in the office: we honestly lost track…

All in all, we had a pretty exciting year 2020. Thank you for being part of it. Thank you for taking our RAWBITE bars to the most beautiful places, to let us support you in your active lifestyle and to be by your side in every needed moment. We are excited for 2021.

Enjoy every Bite.