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Back to Summer: Hiking Corsica

My recent trip to Corsica was simply fantastic. The nature is so beautiful and diverse, making hiking just the right way to soak up as much as possible of the surroundings. Being surrounded by the Mediterranean, Corsica invites to go hiking in the coast.

Even though we did that, of course, starting in Tizzano, I couldn’t wait to start our trip by ascending the first stage of the so-called GR20 – a famous long-distance walking trail. This is not a circular route, meaning that either you go straight ahead, or, at some point, you return and walk back the same path. Starting in Conca, we headed for what is not exactly a Sunday hike. At many points, the path is rocky and stony, and especially in the beginning, it goes up steeply uphill. My boyfriend and I kept each other company and luckily, we have the same walking tempo, which makes it all so much more pleasant. That day, we walked for five and a half hours, meaning we turned around after three hours. Opposite as to what you might think, it really is enjoyable to walk the same path back as you came. It is not all the same, since you come from a different direction – but nevertheless, at some point you instinctively know, which stone is unsteady, and which one is stable, where to hold on to, and at what point you have to concentrate. 


Another day, after this superb start to our trip, the next tour was not long in coming: we decided to tackle another stage of the GR20 trail, hiking from Col de Bavella in the South of Corsica to the Paliri cabin. This feeling, when you discover a new place for the very first time – for me, that is recharging in nature as its best. Already when approaching the car parking after a long ride on the serpentine mountain road, I felt this tingling, this excitement, just like a child would feel it when it’s about to unwrap its birthday present. It is simply great!

Also, the weather was on our side: 28 degrees, not too hot, and definitely not too chilly. It took us two hours to reach the Paliri cabin, very sympathetic cabin, being not too perfect and very cosy. During those two hours we walked forest trails, crossed a stream course, and trekked up and down the hills. Again, on the way up everything is new and you soak it all up – the smell, the landscape, the view. You climb and at difficult passages, you put one foot in front of the other, you only focus on the next step. A great way to give the mind a break!


Walking back, the path is like an old friend, only that you look at him from a different perspective. It is always worth it to take on new perspectives. So, get out there and explore! Or, as Kurt Tucholsky said: „The greatest objects of interest that exists is the world – go and take a look at it!”


Manuela lives in Düsseldorf, Germany, working as pedagogical consultant for children’s’ daycare. Whenever she isn’t working, she loves to go out and be active, like hiking, biking, or doing yoga.

Many thanks, Manuela, for the beautiful images and for sharing your story!

Enjoy Every Bite.