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Cabin-Hopping across the Alps

Autumn is hiking season. When summer is getting milder and turning nature into colourful landscapes, the mountains are calling more than ever. Brini, who is now Copenhagen-based but grew up in Austria by the Alps, shares her insights!

One of the most beautiful places for hiking definitely are the Alps. The Alps are home to high mountain tops, a diverse flora and fauna, stunning views, and many different trails, both for beginners and for dvanced adventure seekers and climbers.

We packed our backpacks and crossed the big Alpine chain from Germany to Italy in 7 days – a breathtaking hike past countless mountain tops, ice cold lakes, glaciers and flowery meadows. Starting from Oberstdorf in Germany, we followed the hiking trail E5 all the way to Vernagt in Schnalstal, Italy. The entire route is located within a dense network of huts and cabins that accommodate hikers for food and the nights (pre-booking recommended!). Nowadays, most of the huts are well equipped with warm showers and offer delicious breakfast and dinner meals. The trail has no glacier crossings or rope routes, a sure foot and good condition is required, though.



Tips for packing your backpack: 

Make sure your backpack ways no more than 8 kg. For full day tours, make sure to bring enough water (ideally 2 liters) and snacks (like for example your favourite RAWBITE bars) and fruits with you. Cabins require you to bring your own sleeping bag or linen and indoor shoes. Eventually, don’t forget your hiking sticks! On this trail you experience a big difference in altitude every day.

Recommended huts on the trail: 

Kemptner Hütte, Württemberger Hütte, Alpe Galflun, Braunschweiger Hütte, Martin-Busch-Hütte.

Many thanks, Brini, for the beautiful images and for sharing your story!

Enjoy every Bite.