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Carbs for Power People

The term "pasta party" is probably familiar to anyone who has ever been involved with endurance sports. Athletes eat a huge portion of spaghetti to fill their bellies prior to heading for the starting line the next day. Curbing hunger is not the main focus for this particular ritual, rather it's about "fueling" with carbohydrates.

What attributes make a healthy bar for athletes?

During endurance training or competition, this nutrient is burned in the muscles. In order to maintain a high energy level, therefore, a steady supply of carbohydrates is in constant demand. Snacks for athletes should supply immediately available energy without slowing them down. Dried fruits, with their easily digestible fructose, are therefore quite popular. This is one reason why they are also the perfect ingredient for RAWBITE, which is made exclusively from organic ingredients. For serious athletes, this is very important. For example, triathlete Michael Strøm: "I use RAWBITE in my daily routine and during competitions  because it's tasty and made from the very best ingredients."

The difference between good and bad energy bars

Many health bars contain sweeteners or sugar substitutes that can have a laxative effect. Additives are often not very well tolerated by the body. A glance at the list of ingredients gives you reliable information about what is in your bar. RAWBITE bars contain the combination of fruits and nuts. Pure carbohydrates such as dextrose cause the blood sugar to soar and fall just as rapidly, often resulting in a dip in power. Some extreme-sport athletes also swear by RAWBITE, which makes us very proud. They are the ultimate endurance test for our product! "I can only say positive things about RAWBITE: The taste is great and there is a wide choice of flavors, which is important to me. When I am up in the mountains I try to stop and tank energy every two to three hours. RAWBITE is a vital part of my snack", reported Kenneth Lagstrøm, a mountaineer and adventurer, after climbing the Mera Peak (6,476 meters) in Nepal. RAWBITE can easily withstand varying temperatures – from Arctic to tropical – and fits perfectly in your pocket. Our fruit & nut bars make a conscious nutrition easy and we are always excited when they are used to support any kind of sporting experience.

Enjoy every Bite.