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Citrus Fruits – Berry Nice Indeed!

Yes, you read that correctly! In a strictly botanical sense citrus fruits are actually berries – in fact, to be very precise, they are classified as endocarp berries. There are hundreds of varieties of citrus fruits, all with different shapes, colours and flavours. (1)

Top of the list for most is probably the lemon, which flourishes in humid, hot climates. Did you know that the tree has fruit and flowers at the same time? That’s why lemons can be harvested all year round, although the main season is in autumn and winter. (1)

A very close relative of the lemon is the lime, which has a slightly tarter and more tangy flavour. One great advantage is that limes don’t have pips. (2)

Make it organic, please!

Take our advice: it’s always better to buy organic citrus fruits, particularly if you’re intending to use the zest. The skin of conventionally-grown citrus fruits is treated with preservatives or pesticides. To ensure you avoid the nasties, before use always wash the citrus fruits in hot water and then rub them with a cloth. (3)

What else do they contain?

Citrus fruit are popular because of their high content of vitamin C. (4) They also contain secondary plant substances such as flavonoids. (6) That’s why they are often used in the winter months to ward off colds and sniffles, e.g. in hot lemon and honey. They also taste great in the summer in deserts or refreshing cold drinks. (5)

But most importantly – even if we do say so ourselves – they add a delicious zestiness to our RAWBITE Lime, where concentrated lime juice and lemon oil make for a flavour explosion and instantaneous mood enhancer! Take a look in our shop and find out for yourself:

Enjoy every Bite.