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Coconut – The Taste of Summer

Are you dreaming of summer and palmtrees? One bite of our RAWBITE Coconut will make you taste the experience of white beaches and sunkissed skin. Learn more about the tropical fruit in our guide to coconuts!

As a paradigm of tropical fruits, the coconut is considered native of Malesia and is nowadays omnipresent in coastal tropical regions. Coconuts grow on palm trees, which are also referred to as “tree of life”, because of their diverse use as food, medicine, cosmetic or building material.
Botanically, the coconut is not considered as a nut, but as a drupe. With a delicious, slightly sweet taste, the white inner flesh of the fruit can be eaten fresh or dried and still serves as a staple food in many tropical regions.
Coconut flesh contains high amounts of fiber (1) and coconut milk can be derived from it. Dried and grated, it is also the most important ingredient in our delicious RAWBITE Coconut bar. Learn more about it and taste the bar yourself:

Take a sip!

Naturally refreshing and with a sweet nutty taste, the inner water of the coconut is seen as a natural soft drink with only 20 kcal/100g (2). It contains valuable minerals (3) and is therefore especially in the hot season the beverage to go for.
Coconut milk, the trendy plant based alternative, is obtained from grated coconut flesh and water, which gives your iced coffee the extra creaminess and flavour.

Beauty hack

Due to the high fat content of coconut meat, coconut oil can be derived from it. It is rich in saturated fatty acids (4) which moisturize the skin. It has therefore traditionally been applied as a skin soother for centuries by people living in tropical regions. Furthermore, coconut oil naturally protects the skin from UV radiation since it holds a low sun protection factor (SPF 7) (5).

Enjoy every Bite.