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Copenhagen City Guide

Going to Copenhagen? We have put together the perfect tour for your city trip! It will take you around Copenhagen and you will see all the beautiful attractions Copenhagen has to offer.

If you are ready for a walk of approximately 10 km with a lot of fun – click here!

The tour will start at Østerport Station. All S-train goes to here, and it should be fairly easy to find. And hey! Then you can already cross that from your list of things to do!


First, we will take you to Kastellet which is one of Europe’s best-preserved five-bastion fortifications. The beautiful green surroundings make Kastellet a very popular excursion destination for a good stroll or run.

The Little Mermaid

Next you will be able to see The Little Mermaid. It is a sculpture made of bronze and granite and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s (Danish poet and writer) fairy tale about the little mermaid. She might actually be the most photographed attraction in Denmark!

Amalienborg Palace

Walking a little further by the water you will come to Amalienborg Palace. This is where the royal family lives. Every day at noon you can experience the changing of the Royal Guards. They will march through the city from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace.

Nyhavn (New Harbour)

The next attraction coming up is Nyhavn. The perfect place to visit during the summer is Nyhavn. Nyhavn was created in 1671 and was a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. Now it’s a beautiful place with colorful buildings, a lot of restaurants and people enjoying the summer. Nyhavn is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Copenhagen and I totally understand why! My recommendation is to grab something to eat or drink and sit by the water and enjoy the awesome view.


One thing to visit when going to Copenhagen is the Freetown Christiania – so that’s where we are going next! It’s a car-free area in Copenhagen and is known for peoples’ different way of living. In 1971 a group of hippies occupied some abandoned military barracks and have ever since been independent of the Danish government with their own set of society rules. Walk around and have a look at the home-made houses.

Børsen (The Stock Exchange) / Christiansborg Palace

Børsen is a 17th-century stock exchange in the center of Copenhagen. The historic building is situated next to Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, on the island of Slotsholmen. It is a popular tourist attraction. Børsen is most noted for its distinctive spire, shaped as the tails of four dragons twined together, reaching a height of 56 meters.

Copenhagen City Hall

Now we have found our way to Copenhagen City Hall which is situated on City Hall Square in central Copenhagen. The building was inaugurated in 1905 with inspiration from the Siena City Hall. The clock tower of the building is with its 105,6 meters one of the tallest buildings in the generally low city of Copenhagen.


Shopping time! We will now go the big shopping street in Copenhagen called Strøget. With a massive number of stores, it is possible to spend a lot of time here. Though I will recommend you walk down the smaller streets where you will find so many cool stores and beautiful old buildings.

Rundetårn (The Round Tower)

By the end at the shopping street you will find Rundetårn. Rundetårn was an architectural project of Christian IV and was build in 1635-1642. To get to the top you need to walk up the spiral which means that you walk around 209 meters to get to the top even though the tower is only 36 meters tall. From the top you can see all Copenhagen – FUN!


At last but not least we will end our tour at Torvehallerne.Torvehallerne is situated right by Nørreport Station and offers more than 80 shops. If you are looking for Danish delicacies, local vegetables, fresh fish or just a cup of coffee, this is the place to visit.


We hope you enjoyed our guide and we wish you a fun trip to Copenhagen! See the whole route on google maps!

Enjoy every Bite.