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Date with a Date – Everything you Need to Know

Dates are worth a closer look: Dark brown and rather simple from the outside, they are full of surprises inside. The date palm's dried fruits provide a fruity note and sweetness – making it the perfect basis for our bars.

Bread of the desert

Like many of us, the date likes it warm and therefore grows mainly in Africa, but also for example in the United Arab Emirates. Due to its origin, the date bears the nickname "bread of the desert", and rightly so. Such as our tasty RAWBITE bars, you can simply carry dates around with you to be enjoyed at anytime. Sounds like the perfect snack to bring along!

Dates for athletes

As an athlete's snack, the date is very popular. It not only supplies magnesium and simple carbohydrates, but also happens to provide potassium (1). That being said, the date looks definitely good on any sports field.

Sweeten up your day

In addition to its handiness, dates serve as a sweet ingredient for delicious meals. If you are not a fan of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, try dates instead! Puréed in fruity smoothies, mashed together with almonds as a base for cakes, or simply pure as a snack to share – the date will sweeten your day in any way!

Enjoy every Bite.

(1) Al-Farsi, M. A., Lee, C. Y. (2008), Nutritional and Functional Properties of Dates: A Review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 48:10, 877-887, DOI: 10.1080/10408390701724264.