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Easy and tasty – healthy food goals for the New Year


The New Year is the ideal moment to change ingrained habits and adopt shiny new resolutions, like exercising more or switching to a healthier, more balanced diet. But the beginning can be incredibly tough and you may feel sorely tempted to give up after a few days because working towards your new goals is just too challenging or plain boring. Don’t fret: we’ve got your back covered with these useful suggestions to show you just how easy it can be to rebalance your diet. Here’s to “Pure Taste. Pure Joy” in the New Year!


Tips and tricks on how to tweak your diet with minimum effort

It’s not just about counting calories

For a well-balanced diet, you should pay particular attention to the nutritional values of what you’re eating. Do you know the difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids? Why are refined sugar and fructose not the same? Ideally, your meals should be high in fibre and protein, but contain as little sugar as possible.

If you are unsure at first, these are great catch-all rules to get you started:

1) The shorter the list of ingredients, the better.

2) If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.

3) Unprocessed food is always better.

When you’re out shopping, get into the habit of reading the list of ingredients and learn as you go. The cardinal rule is:

Small steps will also get you to your goal.


Baby steps

The key to introducing a conscious and balanced diet is not to give up everything abruptly. Instead find the ideal balance for yourself and your body. Don’t pressure yourself to go from 0 to 100. For long-term success and a diet you can live with, follow your own personal pace.


Find out what works best for you

Changing how and what you eat is a process that calls for quite a bit of experimentation. What works best for you? What do you like to eat? Try integrating some new foods in your diet and play around with new flavour combinations. But whatever you do, never stop taking pleasure in cooking, preparing meals and enjoying what you eat.


Get support

Find a challenge buddy so you can motivate each other. For example, you could go shopping together or organise cooking evenings. Over the past few years, January has gradually turned into Veganuary, which is the ideal opportunity to dip a toe into a vegan diet. Harness the power of the campaign’s network for inspo and motivation.


Need some inspiration and tasty recipes to add some variety to your diet?  

We got you!  Here are a few suggestions for your meal plan.


  • Oven roasted vegetables with potatoes and guacamole
  • Fried vegetables and  rice
  • Lentil bolognese
  • Open sandwiches with antipasti and, if you’ve  got a sweet tooth, RAWBITE spreads
  • Stuffed peppers with kidney beans, corn, tomatoes, quinoa
  • Stew or soup (e.g. with vegetable stock base or pureed with potatoes and carrots, chestnuts or peas and coconut milk)
  • Tarte flambée with hummus or pumpkin spread
  • Potatoes stuffed with chickpeas, corn, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, quinoa
  • Curry with coconut milk
  • Leftovers served in a wrap – the tasty way to fight food waste   
  • Smoothie bowl with RAWBITE


 Addicted to snacking? No problem! Instead of reaching for that bar of milk chocolate, enjoy a piece of dark chocolate; instead of an overly-sweet cereal bar, have a RAWBITE bar without any added sugar! Dates and fruit will satisfy your sugar cravings. Trail mix easily beats crisps.


Snack ideas for a balanced diet:

  • RAWBITE bar 
  • Crunchy vegetables with hummus as a snack
  • Sorbet made from frozen fruit
  • Rice cakes with avocado
  • Fruit salad
  • Chia pudding
  • Frozen grapes


The sky’s the limit, so be creative, experiment and find out what you like best. You will find lots of yummy ideas on Pinterest. Did you know that we’re also on Pinterest? Check us out!

Yeast flakes are brilliant for adding some ooompf to your meal, and will also create a cheesy flavour. Use pureed cauliflower or nut butter to make a creamy sauce, Kala Namak salt tastes like egg, linseed or banana bind ingredients in baking, dates are good for sweetening. Use marinades to add variety to tofu, and herbs will perk up most things.

If you’re thinking of going vegan, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to substitutes that can help you get started.


Share your favourite recipes with us and tag them with @rawbite__official at Instagram. RAWBITE wishes you a happy New Year  and lots of fun in your new cooking adventures!

Pure Taste. Pure Joy.