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Flavour combinations – It’s all in the mix

Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Berries or Orange Cacao: at RAWBITE we simply love bringing great flavours together. But what exactly is it that makes a certain combination hit the sweet spot while another makes you screw up your face? We’ve  got the answers in our Flavour Thesaurus!

Eating is about so much more than ingesting nutrients. It involves all our senses, it influences our mood and – ideally – can transport us to a higher sphere. (1) (2)

Appearance, smell, texture and flavour determine whether we like something or not. And while they’re similar, flavour and taste aren’t quite the same. The latter describes the characteristics that our taste buds detect on our tongue: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (savoury, rich).
Our sense of smell also plays a key role in helping us to perceive specific flavours. (3)

The individual flavours of foods are created by chemical compounds. The more similar these compounds are and the more primary flavours the ingredients have in common, the tastier the combination will be. (2) (3)

Apple Cinnamon: fruity and spicy

For an example of a great combo look no further than our RAWBITE Apple Cinnamon: the fruity flavour of apple beautifully balances the warm spiciness of cinnamon. One bite and  you’ll know why this is a perennially popular classic.
Depending on the variety, the apple flavour can range from sweet to sour, while cinnamon is both warm and bitter. Together, they make a dream team! (3)

Orange Cacao: citrussy and roasted

The combination of orange and chocolate has been popular for decades, if not centuries. Chocolate undergoes complex processing and there are umpteen roasting methods for the cocoa beans, resulting in an incredible plethora of flavours. The frequently bitter and nutty flavour of chocolate works especially well with the sweet tang of oranges. In our RAWBITE Limited Edition, bitter chocolate meets zesty orange for a real flavour explosion. (3)

Vanilla Berries: fresh and floral

From sweet to sour and all the nuances between – cherries can make the taste buds sing. They contain a wealth of floral and fruity flavours which work very well with mild spices, like vanilla, a popular flavour that stars in many sweet foods and combinations. (3)

When combining flavours, the cardinal rule is that they should enhance each other. Taste and texture should be balanced through contrasts. (4)
Or, to put it another way: it’s all about the mix!

Enjoy every Bite.

(3) Der Geschmacks-Thesaurus, Niki Segnit, Piper Verlag GmbH