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Food for Beauty!

Beauty comes from within? Of course, that's easy - thanks to these foods! Placing nuts, carrots, tomatoes, kiwis & co. on your weekly menu not only improves your well-being and your vitamin intake but incidentally also provides you with the perfect glow. Whether smooth skin, shiny hair or firm fingernails – some of the best beauty helpers can be found in our kitchen.

1. Nuts

They are not only delicious, they are also extremely healthy. Especially cashew nuts, with their high content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D and E, provide beautiful and firm skin. So why not try our RAWBITE Cashew bar with 50 percent cashews, making it the ideal snack!

2. Carrots

If you nibble two carrots every day, this helps you already a lot in terms of fighting cellulite. This is because the antioxidants “beta-carotene” contained in carrots are important for cell generation and skin elasticity - and at the same time prevent even unpleasant wrinkles.

3. Tomatoes

The red vegetables are not only delicious and beautiful. According to a study by the Berlin Charité, the antioxidants lycopene, contained in tomatoes, protect our skin from the sun's rays. Already one tablespoon of tomato paste a day provides a basic sunscreen with SPF 4.

4. Kiwi

The small fruit is one of the largest suppliers of vitamin C. If you only eat one kiwi a day, it covers your daily vitamin content, strengthens your connective tissues and promotes your iron metabolism.

5. Rucola

What almost every one of us wants: Strong and beautiful fingernails! If you eat enough B-vitamins you should not have problems with brittle nails or hair. By the way: Cereals, potatoes and Swiss chard also contain a lot of vitamin B.

6. Avocado

The beauty secret of the green fruits is called vitamin E. It protects our cells from free radicals, prevents pigment spots, strengthens the connective tissue - and thanks to their enzymes they bind the structure of the hair and thus make it stronger.

7. Acai berries

Small, round and dark blue: They come from Brazil and are said to boost the metabolism and melt the pounds. Further, they have another great quality: their antioxidant value. This is particularly high in the fruits - and thus gives the acai berries a tremendous anti-aging effect.

8. Olive oil

Whether in a salad or as body care - the high concentration of linoleic acid helps the skin to build its natural barrier layer, the skin remains smooth and supple and is protected from dehydration.

Enjoy every Bite.