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Gifting – Done Differently!

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, an Easter Brunch – there are so many different occasions that call for a gift. Now, unless you’re the type who instantly has a brilliant gift idea, the thought of coming up with a present that is both personal, thoughtful and doesn’t break the bank might make you break out in a cold sweat. But it doesn’t always have to be something physical – there are plenty of (sustainable) alternatives.

Most of us would say that we’ve got everything we need, and feel more inclined to go full Marie Kondo rather than accumulating even more clutter (more on this topic at a later point!), and yet there’s nothing more satisfying than giving a favourite person a thoughtful, carefully chosen surprise and seeing their eyes light up. Quite apart from that, who wouldn’t want to thank a host for a dinner invitation or celebrate a friend’s birthday? And surely the world’s best mum deserves a token of our affection on Mother’s Day…

The gift of time – what could be nicer?
The gift of time is probably the most valuable thing we can give anyone. It’s the ideal opportunity to accumulate some credit on your shared activity account. We all have busy lives and know how difficult it can be to free up time to make memories – so why not take the plunge with a gift? Plan a joint activity and present it with a homemade card or picture – and specify the date to avoid it being put off again and again. Start planning: an invitation to a picnic or a trip to a rope park? How about a couple of hours doing an usual activity, like a summer sledding run? A yoga workshop – or a cool sitting room concert? Whether you pick an activity or some cool culture depends largely on the recipient and his or her preferences. If you’re uncertain then make some discreet enquiries in advance. And what makes this the ideal gift is that you get to enjoy it too!

A tree as a wedding gift – a symbol of flourishing love!
Spring often brings with it the cheery peal of bells – to mark a wedding, a christening or a birth. In the season of new growth what better present could there be than a living plant? A sponsorship for a tree, for instance in a tropical forest, is a beautiful symbol of permanence and growth. At the same time, your gift is a present to the environment, to the climate and to fairness: sustainable planting creates new habitats for animals and other plants. The recipient gets a personalised certificate to remind them of what’s growing in their name. What an all-round brilliant gift – and so romantic!

Donation gifts & Co.
There are many ways of giving something beautiful or tasty – and making the world a little bit better at the same time. One option is donation gifts that help those who are less fortunate: you give the “gift” of a goat, a donkey or a whole herd which a charity buys for a family in one of the world’s poorer countries. The recipient of your gift gets a card or a fridge magnet as a reminder of where their gift is benefiting people and the environment. It’s a real win-win situation! If you want something a little more tangible, how about a stylish, reusable coffee cup? It’s a useful gift that makes that daily coffee-to-go more sustainable. We love gifts like these that put a smile on a friend’s face and do good at the same time!

Enjoy every Bite!