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Good Resolutions vs Good Habits

Oh hi there, New Year’s resolutions! Welcome back! But somehow, as fast as we make them, they seem to vanish into thin air, leaving us back where we started. So how best to tackle the problem? We say by replacing last-minute resolutions with good habits that are established and developed all year long.

Eat less, drink less alcohol, exercise more – every year, usually in January, we set ourselves ambitious goals for a better us. But by March at the latest, we look back and ruefully admit that things didn’t quite work out as planned. That six-pack is still concealed under a layer of flab, the weekly TV binge-watching sessions with friends and lots of chocolate are just too tempting – and while the gym and those yoga classes may be a fixed part of our weekly routine, let’s face it: we could do more. But don’t get discouraged and give up. Here are some tips on how to take the plunge into a better new year – and stick to those resolutions!

Go greener
Always keep a shopping bag in your handbag or the car; this way you can avoid using plastic bags if you find yourself doing a spot of unscheduled shopping. A long-life reusable cup (for instance, one made of bamboo fibre) for takeaway coffee saves wasting a disposable plastic cup. And when you’re shopping, buy your fruit and veg without a bag: peppers, carrots, apples, pears etc. can all be weighed loose at the supermarket till.

Keep it simple
Complicated recipes are well and good – once you’ve actually mastered them. But if a list of ingredients that spans a page and a half deters you or the thought of spending hours prepping in the kitchen fills you with terror, then why not take it down a level? Less is often more! How about some tasty stewed vegetables? Simply grate some Parmesan over ratatouille for a super-easy and delicious supper. And for anyone who gives in to the temptation of a burger, chips or pastries when on the road and then regrets it later, RAWBITE bars fit into every pocket or bag and can help you overcome that morning/afternoon/evening slump.

Take it easy
At the gym seven days a week – sounds a bit unrealistic, doesn’t it? Instead, why not transform a dull duty into a fun event? Go for a long walk or a short run with your best friend instead of that weekly coffee date. And a early-morning workout is so much more fun if you share it with your partner.

Keep smiling
Treat yourself: give yourself a smile! Scientists have shown that stress is reduced, our immune system is boosted, our metabolism speeds up and we feel better and happier every time we laugh or smile. And there’s an added bonus: people around us respond to a cheerful face and a smile. This makes us more likeable and makes everyone – including ourselves, happier. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Wrestle with your inner couch potato
There are so many exciting and inspirational things to do that don’t involve sitting on a sofa! In spring, when nature comes back to life, you could go for an extended mountain-bike tour through your local woodlands. And if you’ve always wanted to take up dancing, why not sign up for a dance class? Sailing in the summer? Yes please! Spring is the ideal time to get acquainted with this great sport. In the summer there are events outdoors and open-air concerts. Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Book a stand at a flea market – and take along a few friends for a fun and profitable time!

If all that doesn’t help….
If you like to make plans but struggle to stick to them, then a habit-tracker app on your phone could be the solution. These apps, such as Loop Habit Tracker, Habitica or Momentum, let you set up notifications to remind you that it’s time to give mum a call or head off to the gym. An analogue habit tracker can be just as effective – we’ve attached one for you to print and fill out with your personal targets.

As a wise person once said: Trust is good, control is better. 

Enjoy every Bite!