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The idea behind RAWBITE was to create a simple and straightforward product that is easy to bring along and enjoy anywhere.

This idea resulted in the organic fruit and nut bar, RAWBITE.

The 4th of June is INTERNATIONAL RAWBITE DAY. This was the day where we received the first production of RAWBITE at our small office in Denmark. At that time, it was only the 3 owners Rolf, Morten and Nikolaj. They had been waiting for this day for quite a while and it was finally here. Almost 26.000 RAWBITE bars arrived, and there was even more to come. RAWBITE came in 4 different flavours; Cashew, Cacao, Coconut and Spicy Lime.

“On November 12th 2009, we were in the kitchen experimenting with our first home-made fruit and nut bar. Then came months of work and planning, giving rise to the name RAWBITE, the recipes for the first 4 flavours, the design of packaging, display boxes and much more. On June 4th 2010 around mid-day, a truck arrived at our office with the first batch of RAWBITE bars. After all the work performed in a relatively short period of time, it was really exciting to finally see the result. It was almost unrealistic to physically see, touch and feel something that once only was in our head. Weird and lovely at the same time” – Nikolaj, Founder

“We were so super excited, almost dancing around the office. Our adventure could finally begin, and we were all in it together!” – Rolf, Founder & CSO

We at the RAWBITE headquarters are delighted to see how far we've come and how many people we are reaching with our bars. Thank you for being part of our journey!

Enjoy every Bite.