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Heidschnuckenweg Trail – Encounters with Sheep

The Heidschnuckenweg trail always gets my pulse racing with anticipation.

The long-distance hiking trail, which is certified as a “Quality Trail” by the German Hiking Association, takes you through the most beautiful heathlands in northern Germany. From Fischbek on the outskirts of Hamburg across the Lüneburger Heath Nature Park to the Südheide... The trail is very well signposted: a white “H” on a black background on a tree trunk indicates that you’re on the right track.

I prepared for the big day by running umpteen training kilometres before slipping into my trail shoes on the first weekend in July and completing the entire 222 kilometres in 33h55m18s – a record that was aided and energised by plenty of RAWBITE bars. I particularly loved the section between Niederhaverbeck and Undeloh. Both of these pretty little towns are also good starting points for shorter walks, cycle tours or rides in a horse-drawn carriage. Going up Wilseder Hill (169 metres) is a must – in good weather you have the most amazing panoramic view.

The wide expanses of heathlands are particularly charming when the heather blooms in August and September – it’s like standing in an ocean of purple flowers. Surrounded by the buzzing of bees, you can pick pungent juniper berries from the bushes along the path – or enjoy a tasty RAWBITE bar. And, if you’re really lucky, you may even encounter a shepherd with his dogs and a herd of Heidschnucken, the German grey heath sheep the trail was named after.

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