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Homemade RAWBITE Protein Popsicles

Summer, sun and fun! The hottest time of the year is just around the corner and as every year, we hope for many beautiful and warm days. This would only be half as fun without a cool refreshment, though. Try out our recipe for homemade protein popsicles made of RAWBITE bars – simply delicious!

Makes 4 popsicles

Time: 5 minutes

1 organic avocado
2 large organic bananas
2 dl organic coconut water
2 RAWBITE Protein bars
Zest from one organic lime

Place 1 RAWBITE bar in the blender or in a food processor and blend until you have a crumbly mixture. Put this in a bowl. Together with the other ingredients, place the second RAWBITE bar in the blender and blend again. The smoothie should be liquid enough to pour. If it’s not liquid enough, add more coconut water. Pour the smoothie into the 4 popsicle forms and close the form with the blended RAWBITE bar sprinkles. Freeze for at least 4 hours before enjoying your homemade RAWBITE popsicles!

The original recipe is created by Asta Just Schack: @eatingthemplants

Enjoy every Bite.