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Jump into the Mud!

A day at Tough Mudder feels approximately like this: you wake up in the morning, probably well-rested because you know that you have an intense day ahead of you. Maybe you are also a bit nervous, because the run may feel intimidating. Either way, once you arrive at the parking lot you can already feel the excitement that surrounds you. And at latest when you have checked in and enter the event site, you will forget everything that was before and that will happen for a moment. You can almost feel the excitement on your skin, the adrenalin, the happiness – there is energetic base pumping form the DJ station, all your fellow mudders, ready to get themselves dirty, are jumping around, and the colorful stands and games all over the site radiate pure joy!


Once you get to the start, you will experience a joint warm-up, followed by a joint anthem-like promise fun and be supportive of you fellow runners. And this is the point, where for sure all your shyness will be gone (if it was there before). Surrounded with the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”, off you go into the open wild – adrenaline pure!


In the following hour or hours – dependent on whether you run the 5k or the Classic – you will jump into mud, crawl under barbwire, climb over walls, squeeze under tight big rolls, progress hand over hand over a water ditch and so on. 


But don’t worry – so far, we haven’t seen anyone arriving at the goal not smiling! Maybe that has to do with everybody being happy they managed to climb over Mudderhorn – the second last and eleven meters high obstacle that we branded! And once you’ve crossed the finish line, you will also be rewarded with one of our delicious Mini bars.


Tired and exhausted, yet super happy and proud of yourself (you really can be!), you might want to check out some games: like our RAWBITE playground, gladiator game, or loopie balls – yes, we played around with different games on the four different events!


Have a snack or two, and we promise, at the end of the day you will feel a bit dirty because you probably won’t get rid of all the mud at once. But also, you will paradoxically enough feel cleansed. Because let’s be honest, how often do you get to be a child and jump into as many puddles as you want? It’s all about the play, the together, there is no competition just having fun. And hell yeah, how we had fun!


Many thanks to everybody who participated, watched and followed, made this possible and shared this awesome experience with us!

Enjoy every Bite!