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Last Minute Christmas Calendar

Year after year – Christmas does not come as a surprise, but nevertheless it’s always earlier than you think! You really wanted to prepare a special surprise for a special person and craft a Christmas calendar. Wanted to! But it is like it always is: the schedule is packed, and it seems to be way too much effort to make a DIY calendar. To get you out of this tricky situation, here are three SOS-ideas that are easy and quick to realize but still look cool and will guarantee some shining eyes!

Simply iron it out

Do you have one of these old wooden hangers in your wardrobe? Great, because it is perfect to hang the small parcels on to. This is what you need: 12 small, round metal hooks, copper spray, bows, ribbons and bands. And of course: wrapping paper and 24 little presents to be wrapped (ideas for this you will find at the end of the article).

Step 1: screw the metal hooks in the hanger.
Step 2: once the hooks are screwed in, it’s time to spray: a copper spray from the DIY market is perfect to give the old hanger some new glow. Tipp: do the spraying outside to avoid having the copper dust on your furniture.
Step 3: While the spray color is drying, you can start wrapping the presents. Tie the ribbons onto presents and then onto the hooks.
Step 4: Finally, put the calendar up on the wall!

The perfect idea for spontaneous people

This model is not only super quickly crafted, but also it is a real eye-catcher. Simply take an (old) fruit or wine box (from the DIY market, online or from a wine trader). Put a lettering on the box – either you can use brush and coloring, or you cut out the letters and glue them onto the box. Then, cover the inside of the box with wood wool or wrapping paper. Put in the small parcels – and don’t forget the numbers. Pretty numbers you will find on many pages for download and print.

The solution with the branch

After the last fall storms, loads of branches fell down in the forest, which is a good thing for last-minute-crafters. On your next walk in the woods, look for a branch that is stable enough for your calendar and not rotten. Wrap the two ends of the branch with binder twine and knot the two pieces of string together. The base frame is done! After that, it's about time to wrap the parcels, assign them numbers and tie them to the branch. Neutral paper goes best with the nature look, but also online you will find loads of Christmas-themed paper to print. It couldn’t be any easier!


24 gift ideas for the calendar
(which you can find in the supermarket or on the drugstore)

  • exotic spice blend 
  • thermo cup for the coffee to-go 
  • massage oil 
  • chocolate scented candle 
  • mini shower gel 
  • small bottle high quality olive oil (e.g. truffles)
  • small bottle balsamico 
  • RAWBITE bars
  • christmas bulb 
  • small tube body lotion 
  • tea 
  • manufactured coffee 
  • fluffy socks 
  • marzipan 
  • truffle praline 
  • small bag truffle chips 
  • bath additive 
  • magazine (rolled up) 
  • candy 
  • manufactured pasta 
  • pretty glass of tomato sugo 
  • hand cream 
  • lip balm

Enjoy every Bite.