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Listen to your Body – A Few Simple Suggestions to Make you Feel Healthier

Our mind is like a browser with many open tabs, flashing on all fronts, fighting for our undivided attention. Our body and its sensations are often switched to "sleep mode" via the brain’s control center. Hunger pangs are squashed with a chocolate bar or, despite neck pain, we force ourselves to survive (another) long shift in front of our screens. Yet a healthy, properly maintained body remains essential for our well-being, partly because it also releases hormones that help regulate our mood. If we take the time and effort to listen to our bodies, we can discover many things that can make our lives easier. First and foremost is the fuel that provides us with energy and nutrients. Without a balanced diet, neither mind nor body function optimally. But how can we manage to listen more to our bodies and interpret its warning signals correctly?

Fewer distractions while eating

In terms of nutrition intake, addressing the topic of sensory distractions is crucial. How often do we hang out on the phone while biting into a sandwich? How often do our thoughts wander to the next meeting or ponder our to-do list for the next few days during lunch break? Simply avoid the distraction of mobile phones, TV screens or magazines. Instead, during meal time, focus on the food you've decided to take in and on your body's reactions to your decision. This will help you to get in tune with your body's signals. You will be in a better position to judge whether you've had enough to eat and sidestep the phases where your own cravings control your eating behavior.

Single tasking while eating

Enjoy every bite and be aware of the taste sensations. Be present in the moment and practice single tasking while eating. Make it a pleasant experience. Keep your kitchen clean, otherwise your thoughts might wander to dirty dishes while you are eating. If you are away from home, find a quiet place to eat, even for a light snack. Activate your senses - sight and smell should also participate fully in the feast for a more satisfying dining experience.

Just relax while eating

After your meal, stick around for five more minutes and stay with your body instead of rushing back to the grind. Then you will be relaxed enough to face the exciting challenges in your life again. Listening to our bodies can make us happier because, while we are enjoying a snack or a meal, we have a chance to relax at the same time. This reduces stress in our everyday lives. Your meal breaks become your me-time, when it's all about you and your own, personal needs.

Enjoy every Bite.