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Lunch box ideas – Thinking out of the box!


The first step on the path to delicious packed meals is to find a suitable lunch box. Sounds easy, but it can be trickier than you think. And then: what to pack? Preparing food ahead for the day can be a challenge. But don’t worry: We’ve got your box! 

Simple and oh-so fast: RAWBITE bars are the perfect snack in your lunch box

No matter how busy and energetic your lifestyle, you should always try to stick to a healthy, fibre-rich diet. Grab our delicious fruit and nut bars and we promise you’ll be prepared for anything the day throws at you! We do different sizes so there’s always the perfect RAWBITE bar to match your appetite. We are sure you already know all our 50g bars in nine different flavours, but have you also heard from our mini bars? The RAWBITE Office Box contains 45 x 15g mini bars, which are perfect little bite-sized snacks. And what’s even better: they’re not sticky, they don’t melt or crumble so you can keep your desk or workplace clean and avoid food stains and crumbs on your documents or keyboard. 

No matter, if for school, uni, work or just on the go: There’s always space for one of our super-delicious mini bars in any lunch box – or you can pop one in your pocket. 

Presented in our Office Box they’re perfect on a desk or in the office kitchen for everyone to dip into. 



Lunch box ideas for young and old

The first step is to scrub excuses like “no time” or “can’t be bothered” out of your food prep vocabulary! A lunch box can be simplicity itself if you follow a few basic rules. For instance, cook an extra portion of your evening meal and hey presto! – you have lunch for tomorrow. Another good idea is to chuck all your leftovers in a box for a varied meal with the added benefit of avoiding food waste. With the right preparation you can create tasty meals to take out without needing lots of prep time or having to get up extra early. 

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Lunch box inspiration shared by you 

You know all about lunch boxes… on our Instagram account rawbite_official we asked you to share your top tips for lunch boxes – and you delivered! Here’s a rich seam of inspo to tap into:



Picking the right lunch box – 5 tips: 

You should be all set to prepare nutritious meals. So what’s the best way of transporting your tasty meal? There is a wide choice of containers, ranging from simple plastic container to bento box. Here are some things to consider when choosing the ideal box:


1. Many metal tins or simple lunch boxes are not leak-proof. To avoid messes, make sure the container has a sealing ring.

2. Not all containers are suitable for the microwave. Food in stainless steel tins should always be heated on a plate. 

3. For soups and other hot meals, pick one of the many easy-to-use thermos containers available. 

4. If you have a wooden lunch box, you should wash it by hand instead of putting it in the dishwasher. The long rinse with hot water inside the machine can cause the wood to swell or warp.

5. If you want to take different ingredients with you (like yoghurt, fruit, muesli salad or dressing), multi-tiered lunch boxes or bento-style boxes are a good solution. This way, everything has its place and stays fresh. 


Sink your teeth into your lunch break with our bite-sized RAWBITE bars! 



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