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Making a pink statement for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, campaigns are launched around the world to build awareness in the fight against breast cancer by educating and providing information about prevention and early detection. The funds raised by the campaigns go towards supporting cancer research and helping patients (1). Donations are often raised with events like sponsored walks and runs, auctions or concerts. Usually, the funds raised are passed on to local or national organisations (1).

 At RAWBITE we also want to contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month by supporting a number of campaigns. In the Netherlands, for example, RAWBITE is donating 10 cents from the sale of each bar to the Pink Ribbon campaign.


What is Pink Ribbon?


The Pink Ribbon has become an international symbol for breast cancer awareness; it honours survivors, commemorates those who have died of the disease, and makes a visible statement about the progress that is being made to combat the disease (4,5).


Risk factors for breast cancer

Although breast cancer is one of the most common cancers globally, not every person is affected. Factors such as age, hormonal balance or lifestyle can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. There are also hereditary genetic mutations, called BRCA1 and BRCA2, that increase a person’s risk (2,3).

You might not think so, but men can also get breast cancer. However, the case numbers are much lower than for women (2,3).


Breast cancer prevention.

You cannot prevent breast cancer entirely, but you can choose a lifestyle that can decrease your chances of getting it. In general, lower alcohol consumption and not smoking can lower your cancer risk. In addition, a healthy, balanced diet and enough exercise are known to help prevent diseases such as cancer (2). That is why Pink Ribbon concentrates mainly on campaigns that promote a mindful lifestyle and are associated with activity and conscious nutrition.

RAWBITE is not only a great companion in your active daily life, it’s also the perfect sports snack before or after a workout. 

In our fruit and nut bars we use the best ingredients for the highest quality. Our organic bars add a sparkle to your personal balanced diet – without any added sugar or additives. We fully comply with the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, the scientific recommendations for better eating habits and physical activity. To find out more, click here.

We are very proud to be doing our bit to raise awareness of breast cancer and support the Pink Ribbon campaign! Join in and find out how you can contribute in your area!