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New Food-Trend – Meal Prepping

So what’s the deal with meal prepping?

Whether you’re lounging on a rooftop with your co-workers, sitting in an office kitchen or in the park: a lunchbox in your bag is the best way to avoid falling to the junk food trap. Meal prepping is the answer to the eternal question, “What shall I have for lunch today?” In fact, the whole idea isn’t that new: essentially, it all boils down to cooking in advance – but with a modern twist. Another advantage is that hidden additives or flavour enhancers, extra fat or evil carbohydrates don’t get invited to the party. With meal prepping, you’re in control of what you eat.

Great food – when and where you want it

Imagine the joy of not having to chose between the lesser of two evils in the canteen. Instead, you can save money and time (meal prepping is quicker than you think, we promise!) and enjoy tasty meals. If you cook in advance for a few days, you save time for shopping and cooking on the following days. Left-overs? No longer destined to end up forgotten at the back of the fridge; instead, fill your lunchbox. BTW: we recommend investing in a nice, high-quality box with separate compartments – because you don’t want leakages or an unappetising jumble when you sit down to eat.

We’re living in a box!

Meal prep is a fast-track to crisp, tasty food. For instance, pop some steamed or lightly cooked veggies in your box. Nuts, seeds and fruit are a great addition for snacking. Pulses, like chickpeas, beans or lentils, are a great source of protein. Nuts, quinoa and amaranth also contain lots of protein, they fill you up and are easy to integrate into everyday dishes. And let’s not forget tofu!

Careful planning and variety are the key to happy prepping!

Here’s a small tip that punches way above its weight: don’t hold back when experimenting with herbs and spices! Banish lunchtime boredom by giving your food an Indian touch one day, with curry and turmeric; the following day, you could go full-on Mediterranean. A smart move is to cook larger quantities of pulses or grains in advance. Healthy carbohydrates like rice, lentils or couscous are incredibly versatile ingredients. Ready-cooked, they give you a nice side-dish or you can base a delicious main meal on them and tick off several days at once!

Need some inspo?

How about a tasty lentil salad? For 5 portions, cook 200g of lentils following the instructions on the packet – making sure they aren’t too soft. Dice 5 tomatoes, chop a large clove of garlic and two red onions. Mix up a dressing by combining 5 squirts of lemon juice, 5tbsp olive oil, salt, pepper and the onions and garlic. Add the lentils and tomatoes and mix well. Sprinkle over a bunch of parsley, chopped. If you like, you can take 100g herbed (vegan) quark to eat alongside your salad. Salads in a Kilner jar are also a tasty option (dressing at the bottom, fresh fruit and vegetables on top) as are overnight oats. And for snacking, don’t forget to pack your favourite RAWBITE bar for a tasty and healthy treat!

Enjoy every Bite.