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Rasmus Kragh on the Way to the Peak of Mount Everest

Extreme efforts require proper diet: What's in the backpack?

It is not every day that Rasmus has the opportunity to actually cook - in the traditional sense - when he is on an expedition. Especially not when he really moves up the heights. Everest 2018 is no exception. The nourishment mostly consists of food that can be in the backpack. And here RAWBITE enters the picture as an indispensable source of healthy diet, which even tastes good, says Rasmus.

"As I passed my first 6,000-meter mountain in the Himalayas in 2015, I had Rawbite in my backpack. It worked really well for me, and since then, RAWBITE has been with me and been an important part of my diet on my expeditions."

Tested under extreme conditions

It is not only top athletes like Rasmus, who like to eat RAWBITE. It is, for example, included as the only food bar in the Danish Defence’s field rations. RAWBITE has been tested under extreme conditions. In the cold of the sled patrol Sirius in Greenland and under harsh desert conditions of the Danish troops in the Middle East.

"When I'm off - sometimes for 50-60 days at a time on my longer expeditions - it's an important part of my diet in the mountains. Most often, RAWBITE is my dinner meal. On the mountain you do not always have a lot of resources, so I sometimes end up living mostly or partly of the bars. They are also one of the easiest things to eat when the appetite fails in the mountains.” Says Rasmus.

RAWBITE and Rasmus

In connection with Everest 2018, Rasmus has been working closely with the entire RAWBITE team, now one of the main sponsors for the expedition. RAWBITE which consists only of fruit and nuts, and which is organic, guarantees a long-term and healthy energy - according to Rasmus.

"It can actually be used as an alternative to real meals - which I have also done during peak periods in the mountains, where it is often very energy-intensive to cook."

RAWBITE also have a central place in his kitchen in Denmark. If he wants to spice up the day's workout with a healthy meal and refreshments RAWBITE comes along.

"The high and natural protein content in the bars makes it incredibly suitable as a snack after training, and when I'm on the move, I enjoy eating a quick snack, which I know is healthy for me and additionally tastes amazing."

Enjoy every Bite.