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RAWBITE goes... Nordic Weekend!

RAWBITE will be present with a tasting booth at the Nordic Weekend in Oberstdorf on January 25th and 26th, because one thing is clear: our delicious bars belong in the mountains and in the snow. Since the bars fit in every pocket, do not melt during breaks in the sun and do not become hard in the cold, they are simply the perfect snacks for athletes and amateur winter sports enthusiasts.

The Nordic Weekend is a double event consisting of cross-country skiing and the Nordic combination, the "supreme discipline" of Nordic skiing. These sports are all about endurance, strength and a lot of technique that requires high concentration.

More information on where to get tickets and which athletes to meet can be found here

By the way: On Saturday, there will be a meet and greet with RAWBITE ambassador and ski jumper Carina Vogt at our stand, where you will have the chance to win something.


Enjoy every Bite.