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Rock Your Body – The Best Indoor Workout

The days are shorter now, outside it is getting increasingly colder and grubbier. Gone are the days when we biked to work every day or went running through the rustling autumn leaves. But that is by no means a reason to hide away and give in to winter blues – namely, thanks to many great indoor sport alternatives, we defy the grey season and weather it super fit and with a smile on our face.

BodyART – for increased strength, balance, and flexibility

If you like yoga and don’t mind classical power exercise, this one is for you: the motion sequence resembles very much the sun salutation, but challenging push-up variants and Everest-climbers are included in the program as well. AT fast pace, motion sequences out of different postures are connected and repeated in dance-manner – supported by rhythmic music. This holistic training, which is suitable for everyone, was developed by the former gymnast Robert Steinbacher. Though BodyART is inspired by far-eastern elements, e.g. by traditional Chinese medicine, spiritual elements are not included in this power workout.

Bikram yoga – the hottest workout

While outside, temperature climb further and further down, we crave for cozy warmth. With Bikram yoga, also called sun or hot yoga, we will find exactly this: temperatures between 38 and 40 degrees and 40% humidity. For 90 minutes, 26 exercises will be performed, always in the same order, starting with the half moon and finishing with the spinal twist. Before and after, it is about deep breathing. Sounds challenging? It is! Not for nothing, Bikram yoga counts as one of the physically most exhausting yoga types. Thanks to the perspiration, the body becomes more stretchable, the exercises strengthen the sense of balance, and stress is being reduced.

Bouldering – challenges also the mental muscles

Climbing up a wall without belt and rope – that’s bouldering. Because the walls are maximal four meters high and the floor is covered in soft mats, this sport is, however, less dangerous than it might sound. The presumably biggest “problem” with this type of climbing sports, which is generally suitable for everyone: the routes that are to be climbed. Different colors on the holds mark the different routes, which vary in how difficult they are. The goal is to only use holds of one color on the way up. Bouldering does not only train the muscles in the upper body, but imporves also the body tension. The ideal recreation sport for everyone that sits much and works at the computer.

High Intensity Training (HIT) – pushes you to your limits

As the name says, High Intensity Training is a highly intense interval training, ideal for very active and sporty people. The combination of endurance and muscle workout brings quick successes, because it boosts the metabolism enormously and helps much more to build up muscle mass and to decrease fat than common strength workout. The good thing: since the HIT exercises are for the whole body, the muscles are not challenged one-sided but simultaneously. Thus, no big muscles are built up. Rather, the body is being nicely defined. The ideal workout for very active sports people that don’t want to quit their effective workout during winter.

Hicycle – hot fitnesstrend from the US

This is for the ones that spend every spare minute on their bike during summer: in dark nightclub atmosphere and with cool beats, doing Hicykling, also called disco or soul cycling, you sprint and dance on the bike – including barbell training. The 50 minutes long session will not only chase away any kind of winter blues, stress, and worries, help you get a clear head and is a lot of fun. Also, it is the ideal fat burner activity. Strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility are trained at equal terms. And compared to classical spinning, Hicykling is at much faster pace. Meaning, a higher cardiac frequency and thus faster fat burning. Spinning under the disco ball comes from the US, of course. In 2006, it was a big trend there; today, you can also find this sport in every bigger city. Get on your bike – let’s combat winter!

Enjoy every Bite.