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Some Like it Hot!

For us, indulgence never goes short: RAWBITE is not only for in between but can also be enjoyed as a small meal. That works best with a matching drink!

Especially in the colder time of the year, the body is craving a lot of energy. Even more when you get home after sports of from a walk, you often wish for a small meal that satisfies and makes you happy but is not too heavy either. Time for RAWBITE! But which drink goes best with it? For sure, tea always works well. But we love variety, and there is room for more creativity. Why don’t you try out these delicious ideas – matching with every RAWBITE flavour!


Cinnamon-fans will be on cloud nine with the to-go version of grandmother’s apple pie, and especially now that Christmas is approaching, it tastes even better: RAWBITE Apple Cinnamon. What goes well with the sweet taste of apples in combination with almond pieces and cinnamon is an apple-cinnamon-shake. This is how you do it: wash an apple, remove the seeds and cut it into small pieces. Put in the blender and add 250ml of almond milk and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. The winter-shake is ready!


Cacao is (not only) for chocolate lovers. The combination of soft dates, crunchy nuts and the rough cacao makes it irresistibly delicious. For complete happiness, make yourself a hot cocoa drink with a smack of orange. This is what you need: 70g cacao powder, 140g coco sugar, 1.5 teaspoons organic orange zest, ½ teaspoons ground vanilla, 1 teaspoon ground cardamom, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon. How to: mix all ingredients and sift them. Warm water or (plant) milk, add 2-3 teaspoons of the powder, enjoy!


The fine coco graters in our RAWBITE Coconut cater for an exotic-sweet taste and immediately carry you off to a white South Sea beach. Amazingly spicy and warming with it: a curcuma shake. The healing power of the Indian spice that also prevents many illnesses is scientifically proven. Especially during winter, it is the right time for a Golden Curcuma Shake. You need: 1 teaspoon curcuma paste, 200g (soy) yoghurt or 200ml (plant) milk, 1 banana, coco flakes, honey or agave syrup, fresh ginger, cinnamon. This is how you do it: out all the ingredients into the blender, whip it for 1-2 minutes until creamy, and sprinkle with cinnamon.


When you feel like something savoury and salty, then we recommend you our RAWBITE Peanut – full of peanuts, dates and a bit of sea salt. Only thing missing is a smack of sour-sweet spiciness! What about a hot cup of freshly brewed ginger-tea? This is what you need: 1 fresh root ginger, 1 lemon, organic honey or agave syrup. This is how it’s done: peel the ginger into thin slices, put it in a cup (or can). Boil water, pour over the ginger and leave it to draw for 3 minutes. Add one teaspoon of honey or agave syrup and the juice of the lemon, done!


These days, when the light gets less and less (and when there is no long-distance journey in sight) you need a lot of inner warmth and a freshness-kick every now and again. That works very well with RAWBITE Lime: with ginger and lime it create taste explosions und good mood and will bring your motivation back! If you want to snuggle up on the couch with wool socks, just have a cup of hot lemonade with it, spiced up with fresh mint. This is what you need: 1 organic lemon, 1 bunch of mint, maple syrup for a caramel touch. How to: juice the lemon and pour into a tea glass, boild the water and pour it over, stir in a teaspoon of maple syrup. Add some small stems of the mint, leave it draw for a short while and enjoy together with the crunchy RAWBITE Lime!


RAWBITE Cashew, which consists half of pure cashew is a wonderful fusion of the sweet dates and the creamy cashews. In the morning or to prevent the afternoon dip, we indulge ourselves with a nut coffee in combination with the classic bar. This is what you need: 10g grounded nuts (of your choice), 10g grounded coffee, 1 tablespoon cane sugar or maple syrup, 75g (plant) milk. This is how it’s done: toast the nuts and the sugar in a frying pan until they’re golden brown. Immediately pour over coffee and 100ml boiling water, leave to draw for 5 minutes. Pour through a coffee filter into a can and then into a pre-warmed cup. Warm up (plant) milk, foam it with a milk frother and put on the coffee.


Wenn juice dates meet sourish berries and a smack of vanilla, people with a sweet tooth that prefer not-too-sweet tastes will be very happy. Deliciously with RAWBITE Vanilla Berries: an authentic, DIY Moroccan mint tea! This is what you need: 1 bunch of mint, 1 table spoon of green tea (e.g. Gunpowder), 1 teaspoon anise seed, 3 teaspoons forest/buckwheat honey or agave syrup. This is how you do it: wash the mint, boil 1l water, add the tea and boil again. Pour the tea through a sieve, keep the tea leaves. Brew the tea leaves, the mint, the anise seed and the honey or agave syrup in a tea can with 1l boiling water and leave to draw for 3 minutes.


Besides real cacao, dried fruit and nuts, RAWBITE Protein contains plant-based protein from rice. A true highlight of indulgence. It matches with a chocolate banana so split – also your “coffee”-guests will love it! This is what you need: 1 table spoon of almond slivers, 200ml (plant) milk, vanilla bean, ½ banana, 1 table spoon (vegan) chocolate sauce, 25g (soy) cream. This is how you do it: scrape out the vanilla bean. Warm the (plant) milk and half of the vanilla in a pot. Peel the banana and cut it into pieces, mix with the (plant) milk, boil up. Blend the banana milk until it’s creamy. Whip the (soy) cream. Drizzle the (vegan) chocolate sauce onto the inside of a glass. Pour the banana milk into the glass, cover with the whipped (soy) cream. Sprinkle with almond slivers. Yummy!

Enjoy every Bite.