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Surf Holidays in Denmark – Part I

You don't need to travel to Morocco, Bali, Portugal or any other country to experience surfing. And have you asked yourself the question what type of surfing you would like to try? There are a lot of reasons to stay in Denmark during the summer, and we want to share our surf guide with you describing the most valuable surf spots to visit.

Denmark has a coastline of 8.750 km, so you have easy access to the water as there is no location where there are more than 52 km distance to the coast. But depending on the type of surfing that you want to try out: windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle surf, or body surf, you might have to drive around to access the best spots for the best experience. For general information, Denmark has quite shallow waters and the wind direction is mostly westerly, meaning that the wind conditions on the East Coast would mainly be offshore. We highly recommend you to avoid offshore spots but in case there are no other possibilities, you should pay attention and be extremely careful and not go to further out, as the wind can be very gusty and stronger than assumed from land. Let's start the journey!

Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and it keeps expanding on water. The biggest part is orientated at the East Coast but part of it is orientated to the South.

The Southern part called Sydvestpynten is really shallow and perfect for kitesurfing, creating a kitesurfers’ paradise for wind from Northern to Westerly direction. As a windsurfer, you can access the spot too, but you will have to carry the equipment for a smaller distance and walk in the shallow water until you reach the deeper water, and that's not the funniest part of it. Once you get out there, you might be the only windsurfers. Instead, we recommend windsurfers to go either to Amager Strandpark which has both a small lagoon and the sea, and/or go to Sydhavnen which is a bigger lagoon. Both places have gusty winds due to the fact that it is a city location and they both have a local windsurf club that you can join. But loan of equipment is only for members and not for rent.

If you want to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in the capital of Copenhagen, there are some rules to follow. Below you can see the map of where it is allowed to SUP in the harbour. Of course, you can also SUP other places and get on tour around the newer apartments who are built on water like Svanemølle Strand and Sluseholmen. If you want to go for a SUP tour, we recommend you to contact NauticEasy who is a mobile surf school and can provide surf lessons almost anywhere around Copenhagen.



Continue the tour on Sjælland

If we follow the coast to the North, there are a lot of surf clubs – mostly windsurf and SUP clubs. Common for all clubs is that they are only for members and do not rent equipment. But they have a very good community and they always welcome you to join and surf with them if you have your own equipment.

The Eastern location has mostly flat water compared to Ålsgårde, Hornbæk, and Rågeleje, which are located at the North Coast and are popular for their waves when the wind blows from NW. Both windsurfers, kitesurfers and normal surfers are using the spots to wave ride.

In other wind directions, the North Coast is perfect for a SUP tour along the coast and is one of the most beautiful places to experience, but take into account the strong current and the wind direction. Do always start to paddle against the wind and the current. If the wind and the current go in different directions, look at the forecast to see which one is the strongest and stay close to shore.

The idyllic place Lynæs

If you really want to experience the summer vibes, you should reach after Lynæs Surfcenter which provides lessons in almost all water sports. They have a little café, and you can taste some of the best fish balls based on a local secret recipe. It is only around one hour of driving from Copenhagen. The spot has both shallow and deeper water part which makes it provide the perfect conditions for both windsurfers, kitesurfers and SUP surfers. Like Sydvestpynten in Copenhagen, the shallow part creates a kitesurfers’ paradise and windsurfers might have to walk a bit in the shallow water. The best thing with the spot is that the likelihood for wind is quite high compared to the East Coast, and it works in almost all wind directions except of Eastern wind.

The windsurfers paradise, Veddelev

If you are fully into windsurfing and think the kitesurfers can be a little too scary with their 4 meters lines and think they are using all the space on the beach, then you should definitely try Veddelev located in Roskilde Fjord. The rigging area is grass and the spot works in almost all wind directions except of Eastern wind. When it’s sunny and the wind comes from South East, you can expect 4-6 knots more than the forecast, caused by some thermic wind typically after 14:00 in the afternoon. The spot is suitable for all levels as there is a short distance to the other side where you can take a break. You might experience one of the best windsurf sessions in the year.

Stay tuned for Part II of our journey!

Enjoy every Bite.