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Surf Holidays in Denmark – Part II

Real surf vibes, the "Cold Hawaii" and harbour porpoises – in part two of our surf guide, we head towards the Danish West Coast to discover more beautiful surf spots.

On the west side of the Great Belt Bridge

You pass the Great Belt Bridge and head toward the South to the island called Langeland. Here you will find the surf vibes at Surfcenter Langeland who offers both windsurfing lessons and rental of equipment located close to the wave spot, Hesselbjerg Beach. Langeland's various coastal conditions provide the opportunity for various types of surfing. For example, just 2 km from Hesselbjerg beach, you will find Risinge Harbour which offers flat water conditions – perfect for beginners, slalom and speed windsurfing.

But you can also stay on the island Fyn whose coastal areas are fantastic. When you look at Fyn from a surfing perspective, you will experience that there are locations for any wind directions. In addition, Fyn offers countless flatwater areas which are good for beginners. You can contact Fyns Surfskole which is 100% mobile, so you have the opportunity to utilize Fyn's full potential together with them!

The place full of surf vibes

There is no doubt that the West Coast of Jutland is the place to be if you are looking for surf vibes. It is also where Germans use to spend their holidays. There is huge availability of summer houses to rent, and the nature is not just amazing but unique with all the sand dunes, the big sandy beaches, the wind blowing and the waves brushing. One of the best spots is the little fisher town called Hvide Sande. On one side of the town you have the North Sea that can provide tough conditions on windy days, and on the other side you have the lake Ringkøbing Fjord with shallow water and easy conditions for any level. Wherever you are on the West Coast, you can practice your surf skills in the waves whether it is normal body surfing, SUP surf, windsurf or kitesurf. The waves are some of the biggest in Denmark due to the fact that the North Sea is the deepest sea around Denmark.

At Hvide Sande, Bork Havn, and Klitmøller, you can find the surf shops called West Wind that both provide lessons, rental and have a surf store. Hvide Sande is indeed a little fisher town, but there is space for the whole family – especially if you want to run away from the big city life.

The Cold Hawaii

There is a reason why it is called the Cold Hawaii and it’s the answer of a surfers’ paradise for wave surfing. Its real name is Klitmøller and during the years, more and more windsurfers have settled down and created a little surf community. On a windy day during the summer holiday, you will find the spot full of wind and kitesurfers and on other days where there is less wind but waves, it will be crowded with surfers and SUP surfers.

However, it is not only Klitmøller that is of interest to surfers in Cold Hawaii. Both Agger Tange in the South, Vorupør and the fish town Hanstholm in North Thy have plenty of good opportunities. So many surf spots so closely together make the area unique because one of the places is always optimal regardless of wind conditions, if it is present otherwise.

Klitmøller has a surf club called NASA and takes part in organising the yearly surf-movie festival called Surfjoint.

Have you ever surfed with harbour porpoises?

Not everybody gets the chance to experience a jumping dolphin-like harbour porpoise in front of their paddle board. In Aalborg on the Limfjord (river), you can join the SUP community from Nordjydsk Windsurf Club or take a SUP tour for yourself and be lucky to say hallo to a harbour porpoise which is typically found close to coastal areas or river estuaries.

This was the last stop on our tour guide and we wish you a wonderful holiday!

Enjoy every Bite.