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The Best Time for New Resolutions – Is Now!

Winter may still have us firmly in its frosty grip, but the earlier we are prepared for spring and new challenges, the better! We all know that true strength comes from calmness and that’s why we’re taking a deeeep breath, recharging our batteries and sowing the seeds for new plans, small changes and inspiring experiences.     

Right now, what we all need is a healthy dose of me-time. Time to look inwards and to give our emotions mastery over our thoughts. To lie back and just feel life around us without thinking of anything in particular. The best ideas and plans bubble up from our subconscious, which is why taking breaks and looking inward are so important and so productive. 

Regularly pressing our inner reset button is just as important as getting plenty of exercise and being busy. And what month could be better suited to indulging in some introspection and making space for new ideas and needs than frosty February, when the weather is cold and conducive to staying in. The best time for conscious comfort, for retreating onto the sofa with a cosy blanket and fluffy socks, for doing nothing and letting go is now! 

Even if it’s only for an evening or a long, leisurely morning. Here are two suggestions:

Anyone who loves to leap out of bed first thing in the morning and do press-ups and knee-bends before breakfast should consider taking the opposite path: use a snowy or rainy day to stay in bed, warmly wrapped up under your duvet. Breakfast in bed, watch a series, leaf through magazines, browse travel blogs for inspiration or read a book. You’ll see just how soothing for the soul this can be, giving you new ideas and honing your senses for what really counts – what do I want, what takes my fancy? What could I do differently? A lazy break surrounded by pillows and cushions calms the mind and releases emotions that are so often repressed in our busy day-to-day lives. Time to dream!

Plan new challenges
All those things you’ve always wanted to do (ideally in the cold months), but never dared to or never really had the time to do – well, 2019 is going to be different! Here come two simple but very clever methods for planning your future happiness. Get a special calendar, a planner for the new me, in which you set yourself a new goal or intention every week. It takes a bit of discipline, but is incredibly motivating. 
Or why not simply take a simple notebook and jot down a positive to-do list for each month. For example, why not try floating? Floating in salt water in a room exactly the right temperature and in perfect silence is an unforgettable experience! And in the weightless tranquillity you’ll discover new space for creativity and self-awareness. Experimenting is a major trend right now: have you ever tried a drop-in meditation studio? You can pop by spontaneously and take a meditation class without needing to book – great for a lunchtime break. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to sit down with a professional coach to find out what changes you can make in your job or your personal life? Why wait? Now is the time!

Enjoy every Bite!