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Trail Mix – The Healthy Snack to Get You Right on Track

You probably know what trail mix is. But do you know how it got its name and which nutrients this wonderful blend of fruits and nuts contains? Read on to discover more about the ideal snack for on the road and let us tell you why we think our bar-shaped trail mix ticks all the boxes.

A tasty blend – and the sky’s the limit

From crunchy to soft, from sweet to salty: the snack mix with dried fruit, nuts or seeds will satisfy all your cravings. The classic version of trail mix contains raisins, cashews and  almonds. Walnut, hazelnuts, brazil nuts or peanuts are also frequent players (1).
Those are the basics. But there are umpteen variants out there, with ingredients ranging from chocolate to coconut flakes, banana chips, cranberries or popcorn – anything goes!

You can also make your own DIY trail mix and let your imagination run riot with ingredients to create your favourite version.

So what’s the deal with the name?

You probably guessed it: trail mix was originally a snack invented by hikers as a high-energy snack for on the road (3). And we’ve got to give those savvy hikers their due: the mix of fruits and nuts is the perfect snack for in-between. Simply packed with essential nutrients, trail mix is your friend whenever you are on the go.

Nutritious nibbles

If you find yourself craving something to munch on, trail mix is an excellent choice. Nuts and seeds supply a wide range of nutrients. Cashews, for example, contain 260 mg of magnesium and 490 g of phosphorus per 100 g (4). 100 g of almonds contain 25.6 g of protein and 52.1 g of fat (5). They also provide fibre, magnesium, vitamin E and B2 (6). You can also learn more about sultanas and peanuts in our ingredient guides.

To make sure that your snack is really balanced, read the ingredients list and make sure that the mix does not contain any artificial preservatives, that it wasn’t fried in oil or contains more chocolate than nuts. You should also keep an eye on the sugar content: ideally the mix should only contain the natural fructose from dried fruit (7). Which brings us to our RAWBITE bars: you simply can’t go wrong with our tasty treats, which contain no additional sugar, only the sugar that occurs naturally in the ingredients.

RAWBITE, the bar-shaped trail mix

Can’t be bothered with the faff of a bag full of small bits? May we suggest our RAWBITE bars?  Our tasty bars are the perfect snack, and with ingredients including dried fruit and  nuts, you could even describe them as trail mix in bar shape. With nine seriously delicious flavours, they’re even a bit more varied than your average trail mix. Tempted? Find your favourite!

Enjoy every Bite.

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