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Travel Inspo for the Winter

Husky trips in Norway
If you’ve always dreamed of dashing through snowy landscapes, pulled by an energetic team of huskies, then we’ve found just the thing for you! From the small Norwegian village of Hemsedal, roughly 200 kilometres from Oslo, you can set off and explore the surrounding region on a dog sled. Harnessed together in two rows, between four to eight huskies pull the sled through the snow. Warmly wrapped up on a thick reindeer skin, you can sit back and enjoy the stunningly beautiful winter scenery. And if you’re particularly daring, you can take a turn at holding the reins yourself and controlling the team, although be warned: it’s more difficult than it looks.


High over New Zealand
If you’re prepared to travel a little further for your winter break, and have more time than just a weekend, may we suggest sunny New Zealand? You’ll need at least two to three weeks if you want to leave winter behind and enjoy summer on the other side of the world – but the rewards are stunning. In the land of hobbits and elves, sapphire blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, sandy beaches and breathtakingly beautiful fjords await. The best way to appreciate all this natural beauty is from above – on a helicopter tour. Few places in the world offer such varied scenery as New Zealand. For a truly unforgettable experience we recommend a flight over the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers in the Westland National Park on South Island.

A night in an ice hotel
The world’s first ice hotel opened in 1990 in the Swedish village Jukkasjärvi, roughly 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Originally built to coincide with an exhibition of ice sculptures, it has since become an annual event. Work on the new hotel starts every year in October, with furniture and sculptures for the bedrooms made entirely of ice. Even the beds are blocks of ice. But don’t worry: thick layers of fluffy furs will keep you warm throughout the night. And what about daytime activities? There’s plenty to do, including excursions with motor or dog sleds, or reindeer safaris – and with a little luck, you may be able to see the Northern Lights in the night sky.


A city break with a difference
A spot of shopping in New York or London? Sign us up! Vienna, Budapest and Lisbon are also attractive destinations. But how about a trip full of eastern promise? Marrakech, here we come! Exotic spices, colourful clothes and busy markets are a great change from the dull winter weather at home. And why not take some of those bright colours back home? How? As vibrantly coloured cushion covers, pottery or babouches – the traditional Moroccan slippers.

Escape winter
Do you feel the irresistible urge to spend the next few months hibernating as soon as the temperatures drop below freezing? We’ve got a better plan: spend a few days sailing from Bali to Lombok, including diving and snorkelling, kayaking and biking, if you like. An adventure in paradise that’s guaranteed to make those winter blues disappear in a flash!


Enjoy every Bite!