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Treat your Mum to a Bundle of Love this Mother’s Day

What are you doing on 10 May 2020? Pssst … a quick reminder: it’s Mother’s Day. Just because these are crazy times, it doesn’t mean you can forget your mum!

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to share a household with your favourite mother. Then celebrate her and show her the love! You could order in a fabulous meal from her favourite restaurant (provided it does home deliveries) and enjoy some tasty and relaxed hours – with the added benefit of a clean kitchen! But whatever you do, the main thing is to make it a day she’ll love!

If you don’t live in the same household, then you probably haven’t seen each other for weeks or months, apart from the occasional digital contact. So why not schedule a long Facetime call and send her a beautiful bouquet. It may not be the same as a proper hug, but it’s the next best thing. If you like the idea of a bouquet, we’ve got another suggestion…

Why not send her a small (3 bars) or a large (8-12 bars) bouquet of RAWBITE bars? They’re just as colourful as a bunch of flowers but so much more original. As delicious as chocolates but much better for your conscience. There’s a lot of talk about “self-care” in these days – good, health-conscious food is a crucial part of self-care! RAWBITE bars are the perfect snack for cycle tours, when you’re running or on long walks (all of which are permitted). And snacking on a RAWBITE bar is so much better than a bar of chocolate when you’re curled up on the sofa watching a favourite series or film.

What are you waiting for? Go straight to and choose between a triple pack of one flavour or our great mix’n’match boxes with up to 12 bars of your choice from all our eight flavours. Then add your mum’s address and click to send those tasty RAWBITE bars with the stylish, colourful packaging winging their way straight to your mother. Or to yourself – because don’t we all deserve a treat?

Have a lovely Mother’s Day!

Enjoy every Bite.