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Valentine’s Day – With a Difference!

Every year, on February 14th, the air becomes redolent with love: Valentine’s Day comes, bringing in its wake gifts, romantic dinners and flowers. A bit too clichéd for you? Why not remake the celebration of love and do something different, like spending time with your best friends? There are so many ways to show the love on Valentine’s Day…

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day divides people firmly into two camps: On one side there are the romantics who kick the day off with red roses and end it with a candlelight dinner. In the opposite corner we have those whose hackles rise at the mere mention of the name. But let’s take a step back from partisanship to agree that rituals serve a purpose in our lives, even if we sometimes find them deeply irritating. Rituals connect people, create shared moments and give us structure in a world that is constantly throwing new challenges at us; they stand for continuity and the comfort of something deeply familiar.     

And then, of course, there’s the fact that Valentine’s Day is all about love – and who could object to that? You don’t have to go down the clichéd paths; why not put your very own twist on the festival? It doesn’t have to be a couples thing. You could use the day to show other people that you love and appreciate them. Whatever your take on Valentine’s Day, perhaps we can inspire you to do things differently this year…   

A spa day with your best friend  
We’ve all been there: you plan an elaborate spa weekend with your bestie to spend some quality time together – and then something crops up, you end up postponing and another year goes by. How about a spontaneous alternative? Check into a day spa or a stylish wellness centre for half a day on Valentine’s Day. There’s less planning involved and it’ll feel like a mini holiday. And in the evening you’ll still have time for a romantic dinner with your significant other…  

A new experience   
A vegan cookery class, tango intro, dinner in the dark or a gin tasting session – sometimes all that’s missing is an actual date to motivate yourself, grab your friends and leave your comfort zone far behind. Discover a new activity, either with your partner or with friends – Valentine’s Day is the perfect date to do just that. Why not sign up for something that you’ve always wanted to try and surprise a friend or your partner with a fun evening?   

Buddy workout challenge  
One of the best ways to strengthen – literally – a relationship is a workout with a friend. If you’ve never done it before, you’ll be surprised just how much fun it is and how sharing some hard work can create a great bond. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you liked it so much that you stick to it and turn a Valentine’s workout into a 30-day challenge. Plus, we’re certain that you’ll LOVE the physical results!   

Mums, co-workers and strangers need love, too!   
In Finland, Valentine’s Day is also called “Friends’ Day” and it isn’t restricted to your partner. So why not make like the Finns and show family, friends and acquaintances how much you appreciate them. Your sister, your mum, your granny … surprize them by baking a cake or some small tarts (RAWBITE bars make great ingredients!) Your co-workers will love this small token of your appreciation and friendship – and mood booster always works wonders for the team spirit!   

Enjoy every Bite!