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Velkommen to Denmark’s Southernmost Island!

Most people will have registered Lolland, Denmark’s fourth largest island, only when passing through on the way from Fehmarn to Copenhagen. Few know that the island has amazing beaches, cosy little harbour towns, fascinating nature reserves and interesting museums. If you don’t fancy going too far this summer, then we warmly recommend an island holiday on Lolland – and we’ve got the insider tips to make your stay extra special.

On your bike
Enjoy exploring new places by bike? Then Lolland is the perfect place for you! At the heart of the island lie the Maribo Lakes, a unique nature reserve. If you haven’t brought your own bike you can hire one, for instance from Larsson Cykler in Maribo. Hop on and off you go! Cycle across meadows, fields, moorland and forests, past beautiful manor houses – and always with a view of the four lakes. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot an osprey (April to September) or an imposing sea eagle (all year). The latter species had vanished from Denmark for a century, but in 1995 these rare birds returned. Don’t forget to pack a couple of RAWBITE bars: the 22-kilometre cycle ride isn’t very taxing, but all that fresh air is certain to make you hungry… and all those picnic tables and benches with views of the lakes are ideal for a small break.


The past meets the present 
At the heart of the idyllic nature park, almost on the shores of Lake Søndersø, you’ll find the Maribo open-air museum. Here you can wander around the old village school, the pharmacist’s garden, the smithy and numerous half-timbered houses with tiny proportions and low ceilings. Guided tours can be booked on site and the museum shop sells beautiful souvenirs such as pottery bowls and jugs or baskets. Don’t miss the Cloister Museum, also in Maribo, where you can find out more about the history of the region from the Stone Age to the present.


Lolland from the water
Do you love water? Then you face a tough choice: kayak, canoe, surfboard or boat? Whatever you pick, you’re in for a treat: Lolland has some great coasts. Always wanted to watch seals frolicking in the water? Large colonies of these charming animals can be found near Rødsand to the south of Lolland, which is the biggest breeding ground for seals in the Baltic Sea. Take a boat trip and you can get close up to these playful animals and watch as they play in the water or sun themselves on land. June and July, which is when the pups are born, are great months for seal spotting. Several companies offer seal trips, for example Nysted Sealsafari.


Bandholm – a romantic little port
If you come here expecting to find an ordinary harbour, you’re in for a surprise. Bandholm, in the north of Lolland, is more a village than a busy port. Historical buildings from bygone eras line the streets and in the summer months a historical steam train runs from Maribo, which is 8 kilometres away, direct to Bandholm port – a fun trip! Don’t leave Bandholm without trying the village’s famous ice cream which you can buy at the Ishus (Danish for ice house) in front of Bandholm Hotel. And while we’re on the subject of ice cream: Denmark’s best ice cream shop is a tiny parlour in Nakskov on the west coast of Lolland, which sells traditional Danish ice cream waffles, whipped ice cream and Italian gelato.


The taste of Lolland
Denmark’s fourth largest island is famous for its many farm shops that sell local specialities. Lolle Frugt in Sakskøbing, the organic farm shop Hvidkildegaard in Kettinge or the brewery and distillery Væggerløse Håndbryg in Væggerløse are only a few of the numerous stores on the island. Often, a shopping trip turns into a real excursion, as many farmers love visitors and are more than happy to show you their animals, fields or manufactories. Sun-ripened fruit, vegetables straight from the field and tasty homemade products such as jam are only some of the products you can buy – and can usually sample first.

Enjoy every Bite.