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Why Calories Aren’t the Whole Story

We all know about counting calories, especially with summer right around the corner. We start looking more closely at what’s in our food in terms of the amount of energy delivered.

That was the subject of a recent survey about RAWBITE. A woman responded that she wouldn’t try our RAWBITE bar because it was a “waste of calories“. ”A fruit and nut bar has only slightly fewer calories than a chocolate bar“, she reasoned, ”so it makes no difference which one you eat.“

We are sorry to disappoint you, but it does make a difference.

Nutrition plays an important role when it comes to a healthy lifestyle

Whether or not a certain kind of food should be part of a balanced diet depends on more than just the calories it contains. There is much more involved - like nutrition, for example. Unsaturated fats, like those found in nuts, can positively influence blood circulation and cholesterol levels. Saturated fats, like those found in chocolate bars, have a negative influence on blood fat levels. Vitamins, minerals and fiber are all part of a balanced diet. Cashews, for example, contain a lot of magnesium, as do dates. Magnesium is essential for healthy nerves and muscles.

Coincidentally, these two ingredients – nuts and dates – happen to be the main ingredients in our RAWBITE bars. The same amount of calories contained in various types of food does not tell the whole story. It makes good sense to take a second glance at overall nutritional value and especially at the list of ingredients.

Summer body without refined sugars

And what does RAWBITE offer? No added sugar (the product contains naturally occurring sugars). What’s left out is just as important as what goes in. It makes no sense to compare apples and oranges, or in this case, chocolate bars and our organic fruit and nuts bars.

Good taste and healthy ingredients do matter, especially when we’re getting our body ready for summer.

Enjoy every Bite.