You have questions? We answer them! All questions regarding our bars and their ingredients are answered below.

What kind of product is RAWBITE?

RAWBITE is an energy bar made out of dried fruits and nuts. It is a snack for in-between meals, for on the go or can be eaten before or after exercise. There are 8 RAWBITE variants: Cacao, Coconut, Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Berries, Cashew, Ginger Lime, Protein and Peanut.

Where does RAWBITE come from and where are the bars produced?

RAWBITE was developed by three Danish friends at the kitchen table in 2009. Today, RAWBITE bars are sold in over 30 countries. The head office is in Copenhagen and the bars are produced in Denmark and the Netherlands.

What is so special about RAWBITE?

RAWBITE bars are organic, vegan, gluten and dairy free and contain only sugar from the processed fruits (fruit sugar).

Why is it called RAWBITE? What does "raw" mean?

The Danish word “ra” spans across meanings like tough, coarse and unrefined. Our brand name is a manifestation of how we see our product in a complex world. We have a clear philosophy without compromises. We are recognised by our clean colourful packaging and the solid brick format. In sum, RAWBITE stands for being simple, honest and straightforward.

Are RAWBITE bars healthy?

The bars contribute to health as part of a balanced diet. RAWBITE bars consist of dried fruits and nuts without added sugar, flavors or artificial additives. Dried fruits and nuts are naturally energy-rich. For this reason, a bar has about 200 kcal. The nuts within the bars provide healthy fats with monounsaturared and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Are RAWBITE bars vegan?

RAWBITE bars are naturally vegan, gluten and dairy free. They contain no added sugar, no additives and no flavors.

Which allergens are included in RAWBITE bars?

All bars contain nuts - almonds and/or cashew nuts. There are no hazelnuts used. The variety "peanut" includes peanuts. However, this bar is produced in another production site, so the risk of peanut traces in other varieties is excluded.

What's so special about the protein bar?

The RAWBITE protein contains 20g of protein per 100g, that's 10g of protein per bar. The proteins bar is naturally vegan as the protein is provided by rice and peas.

When is the bar consumed?

RAWBITE is a healthy snack for in between and handy to take with you on the go, such as in the car, train or plane. Unlike an apple or banana, our bars do not drip or smear, they can be carried along without concern in summer or winter. Furthermore, as RAWBITE is an energy bar it is often consumed before or after exercise.

Which variety fits whom?

That depends on your preferences:
Fresh - Spicy Lime
Sweet - Coconut, Vanilla & Berries, Apple & Cinnamon
The classic, soft consistency - Cashew
Before / after sports - Protein
Fancy chocolate? - Cacao
Feel like something salty? - Peanut
Fruity and deliciously crunchy - Apricot

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