Looking for delicious Christmas recipes? Get inspired and try @klaraslife vegan recipe for almond macaroons with RAWBITE. Quick, easy, delicious: Immerse yourself in the world of Christmas baking. Try now!
We've collected the best inspiration for Christmas: Christmas gifts, delicious recipes for holiday baking, ideas for DIY advent calendars and much more. Check out the RAWBITE Christmas collection here.
It can be tricky to pack a tasty, nutritious lunch for school, uni, work or for when you’re out and about. Here are some tips on how to fill your lunch box, plus some easy and inspiring ways you can prep your on-the-go meals.
Yoga, running, football – RAWBITE bars give you the energy to power through active days – as the VfL Wolfsburg women’s team well know. Read on to find out why RAWBITE and VfL Wolfsburg are a dream team.
Are you struggling to motivate yourself to go running or are you finding it dull and repetitive? Simone, founder of @rookie.runners in Copenhagen, explains why you should join a running club and what makes pounding the pavement in a group so special. Read on for tips for novices and the best...
Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself to run? How can you master the leap from couch to 5K? Vibeke, a member of the RAWBITE team, shares with us what she loves about running, how she motivates herself and gives some tips for beginners.
From castles and restaurants to boats and beaches, amusement parks and skiing – the capital of Denmark is bound to put a magic spell on you. As a Danish brand, we like to believe we are the right contact for things to do and eat in Copenhagen. Read our Copenhagen Guide here.
Easter completely without eggs and chocolate? Absolutely! We’ve got you covered with our delicious vegan alternatives.
Whether you’re working from home or sitting at your desk in an office – the right snacks can help you get through almost any working day. Here are some fast and simple ideas for the perfect office snacks and tasty details of our new RAWBITE Office Box Cashew.
Vanilla is known and loved all around the world for its wonderful flavour. Read on to find out where it grows, what the difference between vanilla paste and extract is, what makes Bourbon vanilla so special – and why our RAWBITE Vanilla Berries just wouldn’t be the same without its aromatic...
New year, fresh start. Would you like to change your eating habits and adopt a more conscious diet? Find out more about how you can easily integrate healthy foods in your everyday meals – and (re)discover the pleasure of cooking!

Christmas in Scandinavia

The Christmas season is peak hygge time – and no place more so than in Denmark. As a Danish brand, RAWBITE is proud to share some Scandinavian traditions for the Christmas season and help you bring the hygge spirit into your home.
Are you craving deliciously soft Brownies? Try this vegan recipe with our RAWBITE bars and satisfy your sweet tooth.
Crunchy nuts, spicy cinnamon and sweet apples – with these easy vegan cookies you are going to transform your kitchen into a Christmas bakery. Get inspired by our recipe with RAWBITE Apple Cinnamon!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The pink ribbon symbol aims to draw attention to the issue of breast cancer. Read on to learn about the campaign, risk factors and what you can do to help.
The World Marrow Donor Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of September. While this day is celebrated to thank all stem cell donors around the world, it should also raise the awareness on how important the registering as a donor is and what impact a stem cell transplantation can have on a...
Food waste is a global problem. All over the world, food is being discarded while many people can’t even afford a decent meal. Read on to find out what causes food waste and what you can do to help the environment, consume fewer resources and even save some money.
A better snacking culture is something very close to our hearts. With RAWBITE containing 100% organic, plant-based ingredients and 0% added sugar and palm oil, we comply with the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR).
Sustainability and environmental protection are two topics that are incredibly close to our hearts. Our current packaging plays a major role. The process of making our foils more sustainable has thrown up quite a few challenges, which we want to share with you here.
Have you ever asked yourself what could happen in seven seconds? In Germany – as in many other European countries – every seven seconds, someone, somewhere needs a unit of blood. Today, the 14th of June, is World Blood Donor Day. Read on to find out why donors are always urgently needed, what you...
Sweet, tempting and difficult to ignore – we’re not talking about your cute neighbour, but about sugar. Most foods we eat contain sugar or other sweeteners in some form. But what is sugar? What does “without added sugar” mean and how can you control sugar cravings? Read on for some sweet facts.

Fibre – Great for Your Gut

The term dietary fibre probably rings a bell. But what is it that makes fibre so important? Find out more about this essential part of our nutrition, its benefits and how you can get plenty in your diet.
Spring is close, it’s sunnier outside and easter is around the corner. With our cinnamon rolls with creamy RAWBITE filling you will impress family and friends at your next brunch, coffee meeting or picnic. Try it now!
You probably know what trail mix is. But do you know how it got its name and which nutrients this wonderful blend of fruits and nuts contains? Read on to discover more about the ideal snack for on the road and let us tell you why we think our bar-shaped trail mix ticks all the boxes.
Wrinkled but sweet: we’re all familiar with raisins as the heavy lifter in trail mixes. But what else do you know about raisins? Our guide shines a spotlight on this small but very tasty ingredient in our bars.
As an athlete, can you stick to a vegan lifestyle and get enough protein? Read on to find out more about what our bodies need protein for, how much you should be eating and how you can very easily meet all your protein needs with a vegan diet even if you have a very active, sporty lifestyle.
This year was for sure a special one. With all the challenges and uncertainties it brought – there is one thing that we can say for sure: THANK YOU!
Sprinkled on porridge, used in baking or in mulled wine: if December had a smell, it would probably be the warm spiciness of cinnamon. Let’s take a look at Santa’s favourite spice…
Have you ever asked yourself how the Danes celebrate the weeks before Christmas? Or how to survive the festive season if you’re a vegan? Asta Just Schack, the popular vegan influencer, tells us about the Danish tradition of Julefrokost and shares some ideas for vegan alternatives.
Fresh, powdered or in drinks: ginger brings a welcome zing to your day, particularly in the cold season. It also makes one of our RAWBITE bars really sing. Find out more in our story and discover the sheer versatility of this unassuming brown root.
Presenting your loved ones with an advent calendar is a sure-fire way to win in the popularity stakes. Packing the little parcels yourself makes the calendar more personal and also lets you pick contents that are sustainable. Need some inspiration for a tasty and fun festive season? Read on!
Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Berries or Orange Cacao: at RAWBITE we simply love bringing great flavours together. But what exactly is it that makes a certain combination hit the sweet spot while another makes you screw up your face? We’ve got the answers in our Flavour Thesaurus!
Cashews play a leading role in our delicious fruit and nut bars. And, like our other ingredients, it’s well worth shining a spotlight on this nut that isn’t actually one. Read on to discover where the cashew gets its name from and other deeply satisfying facts.

RAWBITE Orange Cacao Dessert

Irresistible. Intense. Orange Cacao. Our new RAWBITE edition is simply delicious – and its aromatic taste goes perfectly well with recipes like this one. Try it yourself!

The Orange – Your Zesty Friend in Winter

Boasting a temptingly tangy and sweet flavour, our limited edition Orange Cacao will have your heart singing this winter. Want to learn more about this juicy fruit? Our guide puts oranges in the spotlight and explains why they’re your best friend in the cold season.
Our country of origin Denmark is said to be ones of the happiest countries in the World according to the World Happiness Report 2020. What is the Danes' secret and what can we learn from them – especially for the darker time of the year?
Real surf vibes, the "Cold Hawaii" and harbour porpoises – in part two of our surf guide, we head towards the Danish West Coast to discover more beautiful surf spots.
Have you ever asked yourself what peanuts have in common with peas? Read on and find out more about this versatile ingredient in our guide to peanuts.
You don't need to travel to Morocco, Bali, Portugal or any other country to experience surfing. There are a lot of reasons to stay in Denmark during the summer, and we want to share our surf guide with you describing the most valuable surf spots to visit.

Summer Time is Picnic Time

Summer time is picnic time – with these recipes for a delicious picnic basket there is no excuse for spending a sunny day outdoors.
RAWBITE Ambassador Judith Havers ran the Heidschnuckenweg Trail, a 222-kilometre hiking trail in northern Germany, in one go. She tells us what makes this trail special.

RAWBITE Coconut Bowl

Summer has arrived with all its ease – time for fresh and tasty food! If you're still looking for the perfect summer snack, this might be the solution: The RAWBITE Coconut Bowl.
Are you dreaming of summer and palmtrees? One bite of our RAWBITE Coconut will make you taste the experience of white beaches and sunkissed skin. Learn more about the tropical fruit in our guide to coconuts!
Have you missed your team and the office? We surely have! And we are happy to celebrate the office comeback with a new product: our RAWBITE Office Box.
Yes, you read that correctly! In a strictly botanical sense citrus fruits are actually berries – in fact, to be very precise, they are classified as endocarp berries. Read more about it in our RAWBITE guide to citrus fruits.
Summer, sun and fun! The hottest time of the year is just around the corner and as every year, we hope for many beautiful and warm days. This would only be half as fun without a cool refreshment, though. Try out our recipe for homemade protein popsicles made of RAWBITE bars – simply delicious!
Yay! Summer is here – which means it’s time to get out into the garden. Growing your own plants and herbs not only gives you the basics for a healthy diet – working in the garden is also the best way to relax and free your mind.
What are you doing on 10 May 2020? Pssst … a quick reminder: it’s Mother’s Day. Just because these are crazy times, it doesn’t mean you can forget your mum!
Fruity, bitter or rather harsh – cacao can have multiple aromatic shades depending on its origin and manufacturing process. Learn more about the properties of this wonderful plant in our RAWBITE guide to cacao.
Dates are worth a closer look: Dark brown and rather simple from the outside, they are full of surprises inside.

We're Nuts About Almonds

Packed full of goodness, a popular snack, a key ingredient in our delicious RAWBITE bars: almonds tick all the boxes. We take a look at what makes this superfood so special and why you should eat a handful of them every day.

Join us on an Adventure!

The Glacier Express is one of the most iconic train trips in the world – and probably the most thrilling and comfortable way of getting close up to Switzerland’s mountains.
There are a wide range of foods that are rich in proteins – some, including nuts and pumpkin seeds are contained in our bars. Read on to find out more about them and other vegan sources of protein.
RAWBITE will be present with a tasting booth at the Nordic Weekend in Oberstdorf on January 25th and 26th, because one thing is clear: our delicious bars belong in the mountains and in the snow.
Ready for a snowy adventure? Then gear up and let’s go! This time, though, we’re not downhill or cross-country skiing – we’re going snowshoe hiking.
Ever since Eve picked one in paradise, apples have occupied a key place in our culture. Our love for apples runs deep. Here’s the RAWBITE guide to apples.
New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Here are our brilliant, tasty and sustainable vegan treats for the perfect New Year’s Eve party.

On The Cross-Country Trail

On your skis, get set – skate! Up in the north, cross-country skiing has always been king, but in recent years, it has started emerging on Alpine slopes as a serious competitor to downhill skiing. Want to learn more? We’ll get you on track!
Homemade food is the perfect lunch for foodies – and not just in summer. All you need is a lunchbox and a Kilner jar. Filled with tasty and healthy meals, they’re the ideal answer for great lunches and snacks.
Clean eating is all about food that is as natural, as unprocessed and as nutrient-rich as possible. Want to learn more? Read on…
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