The Fruit That Really is the Apple of our Eye

Ever since Eve picked one in paradise, apples have occupied a key place in our culture. Our love for apples runs deep: some like them sweet and tart, others fruity, but everyone agrees that they have to be crisp, with a satisfying crunch. We adore eating apples raw, but this versatile fruit...
New Year’s Eve is just around the corner – and you’re probably already busy planning the last big party of the year. Your guest list probably includes some vegans, and as a good host, you want to keep them happy too but may be wondering what to serve. Here are our brilliant, tasty and sustainable...

New Food-Trend – Meal Prepping

Homemade food is the perfect lunch for foodies – and not just in summer. All you need is a lunchbox and a Kilner jar. Filled with tasty and healthy meals, they’re the ideal answer for great lunches and snacks.

Clean Eating – Back To Nature

Clean eating is all about food that is as natural, as unprocessed and as nutrient-rich as possible. It’s food that arrives fresh on your plate with as few detours as possible, with no industrial processing and without all those countless additives and preservatives. Want to learn more? Read on …

Cool party snacks & finger food to make at home

After a busy day at work you probably look forward to a relaxing evening at home – and what better way to unwind than by throwing a little party at home with friends? It’s really easy, too: all you need are some drinks and a few tasty snacks…

Rockclimbing in the Dolomites in South Tyrol

Have you ever looked up to the top of a rocky peak and thought, “I wonder if I could climb that”? We certainly have – and that’s why we set off to Val Gardena Valley in the Dolomite Mountains in South Tyrol to test a rock-climbing course.

Velkommen to Denmark’s southernmost island!

Got anything planned for your summer holidays yet? How about Lolland, known as Denmark’s nature island, a place with so many charms that we guarantee you won’t want to leave!

Summer in the city: staycations rule!

Feel in need of a break but don’t want to travel too far afield? Sounds like you could do with a staycation. We’ve got the best tips for the summer of your life – at home.

Iceland – Country of ice and fire

Northern Lights, Icelandic horses, volcanoes and geysers: we say everyone should visit Iceland at least once in their life!


Some of us struggle to overcome the winter blues and general sense of lethargy. So what’s the best way to tackle low energy and lassitude?

What's inside our RAWBITE bars?

RAWBITE bars are the perfect snack for on the go and in between!

All bars are made of dried fruits and nuts and contain no added sugar (the product contains naturally occurring sugars). This makes our RAWBITE bars vegan, gluten-free, 100% organic and high in fibre.

The best time for new resolutions – is now!

Winter may still have us firmly in its frosty grip, but the earlier we are prepared for spring and new challenges, the better!

Valentine’s Day – with a difference!

Every year, on February 14th, the air becomes redolent with love: Valentine’s Day comes, bringing in its wake gifts, romantic dinners and flowers. A bit too clichéd for you? Why not remake the celebration of love and do something different, like spending time with your best friends? There are so...


RAWBITE co-founder Nikolaj: “Being fit is a process, not a goal. So, you will never become fit… But you can become fitter.”

Travel inspo for the winter

Skiing is fun. But every year? That can get a little dull. Here are some great alternative winter destinations for you!

Good resolutions vs good habits

Oh hi there, New Year’s resolutions! Welcome back! But somehow, as fast as we make them, they seem to vanish into thin air, leaving us back where we started. So how best to tackle the problem? We say by replacing last-minute resolutions with good habits that are established and developed all year...

Energized through fall!

It’s getting darker, and we tend to catch a cold. What we need now is some good ingredients for an energized start into the fall!

THE 300

After performing 161 km ride in one day on a Halfbike, our RAWBITE Ambassador Henrik and Co-founder Nikolaj came up with a new stunt. This time it was a stage ride.

Fit and free into the fall

Falling leaves, drizzle, temperature that makes us shiver – doesn’t matter, this won’t stop us to do anything we want to do!
Do you also think at times that your life could use a bit more of structure so that things become easier for you? Great, you should try out a bullet journal!

Snacking allowed!

Back to work: fall is here! Appointments, job, family, hobbies, sport – once again, our everyday life is fully scheduled. How should there be time to think about a healthy diet? The answer: it could be easier than one thinks.

Food for Beauty!

Placing nuts, carrots, tomatoes, kiwis, eggs, honey & Co. on your weekly menu not only improves your well-being and your vitamin intake but incidentally also provides you with the perfect glow. Whether smooth skin, shiny hair or firm fingernails – some of the best beauty helpers can be found in...

The secret to inner strength

What is inner strength all about? We have compiled some of the best strategies for inner strength to make you feel your best!

London City Guide

Whether you are fond of museums and culture, you want to enjoy the beauty of the city or discover trendy places to go, we have created for you this nice trip in London.
The best in that: it is feasible in 1 day, and just over 10km walk!

Copenhagen City Guide

Going to Copenhagen?
We have put together the perfect tour for your city trip! It will take you around Copenhagen and you will see all the beautiful attractions Copenhagen has to offer.
Whether a city trip or a beach holiday, these travel essentials are simply indispensable and belong in every luggage.

RAWBITE Cityguide for Hamburg

I have been living in Hamburg for almost 3 years now and I notice every single time how diverse this city is and how much there is to discover. The proximity to the water, the greenery or the great architecture are just some of the reasons why I love it so much in the "Pearl of the North".

Why Yoga Is Not Only A Female Sport

An Interview With One of Germany’s Most Famous Male Yogis - Patrick Broome

Start your holiday relaxed and easy by incorporating yoga!

The world practices yoga because it is not only fun but also because the health benefits of Indian kinematics are undisputed. That's why the United Nations proclaimed the World Yoga Day on the 21st of June. For us a reason to celebrate yoga and give you a little food for thought of how yoga helps...

Oh Happy Mama!

It's that time of the year again: May 13th is Mother's Day!
Of course it's true: We should not say thank you to our mother only on one day a year. And of course you can also celebrate your mom on any other of the 364 days. But actually, it's really nice to be reminded once a year by an official...
Ever wondered how it is like to hike Mount Everest? Rasmus just told us how RAWBITE helps him to overcome all obstacles.
Many dream of exercising regularly - with ease. We often stop when it gets difficult. But not Nikolaj, one of our RAWBITE founders. In this interview, we talk about what drives him, his attitude and maintaining daily routines for a life in balance. ....

Why calories aren’t the whole story

We all know about counting calories, especially with summer right around the corner. We start looking more closely at what’s in our food in terms of the amount of energy delivered. That was the subject of a recent survey about RAWBITE. A woman responded that she wouldn’t try our RAWBITE bar...

Do certain foods make us happy?

Who doesn’t look for reasons to treat oneself to a little snack now and again? It’s Friday evening and you’re trying to decide between your favorite fast food and your favorite sweet treat. Most times, you always find a reason why you deserve something tasty. Either you’ve had a good week and you...
Our mind is like a browser with many open tabs, flashing on all fronts, fighting for our undivided attention. Our body and its sensations are often switched to ""sleep mode"" via the brain’s control center. Hunger pangs are squashed with a chocolate bar or, despite neck pain, we force ourselves...

Why is our protein bar pink?

Our customers ask this question a lot and so far, there has been wild speculation around why our RAWBITE protein bar is packaged in pink. Here are some examples: ....

Trail mix in a bar format

Everybody is familiar with those bags of mixed nuts and dried fruits - so-called ”trail mix“. The name suggests that this type of snack is easy to pack when you are away
from home but want to stay energized and healthy. ....

Five suggestions for a more balanced life

64 unread e-mails, a never-ending to-do list and rushing to your next appointment while checking the voicemail on your smartphone. For many of us, this scenario is all too common. Hustle and stress are the order of the day. Although it would certainly be cool, you don't need a three-week yoga...
Every date deserves a second look. Dark brown and rather inconspicuous on the surface, inside it's packed with nutrients. The dried fruits of the date palm provide concentrated power with easily digestible fructose and fiber, which is why the date is the perfect base for our RAWBITE bars. ....

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