Christmas in Scandinavia

The Christmas season is peak hygge time – and no place more so than in Denmark. As a Danish brand, RAWBITE is proud to share some Scandinavian traditions for the Christmas season and help you bring the hygge spirit into your home.
Are you craving deliciously soft Brownies? Try this vegan recipe with our RAWBITE bars and satisfy your sweet tooth.
Crunchy nuts, spicy cinnamon and sweet apples – with these easy vegan cookies you are going to transform your kitchen into a Christmas bakery. Get inspired by our recipe with RAWBITE Apple Cinnamon!
Spring is close, it’s sunnier outside and easter is around the corner. With our cinnamon rolls with creamy RAWBITE filling you will impress family and friends at your next brunch, coffee meeting or picnic. Try it now!
Have you ever asked yourself how the Danes celebrate the weeks before Christmas? Or how to survive the festive season if you’re a vegan? Asta Just Schack, the popular vegan influencer, tells us about the Danish tradition of Julefrokost and shares some ideas for vegan alternatives.

RAWBITE Orange Cacao Dessert

Irresistible. Intense. Orange Cacao. Our new RAWBITE edition is simply delicious – and its aromatic taste goes perfectly well with recipes like this one. Try it yourself!

Summer Time is Picnic Time

Summer time is picnic time – with these recipes for a delicious picnic basket there is no excuse for spending a sunny day outdoors.

RAWBITE Coconut Bowl

Summer has arrived with all its ease – time for fresh and tasty food! If you're still looking for the perfect summer snack, this might be the solution: The RAWBITE Coconut Bowl.
Summer, sun and fun! The hottest time of the year is just around the corner and as every year, we hope for many beautiful and warm days. This would only be half as fun without a cool refreshment, though. Try out our recipe for homemade protein popsicles made of RAWBITE bars – simply delicious!
Fruity, bitter or rather harsh – cacao can have multiple aromatic shades depending on its origin and manufacturing process. Learn more about the properties of this wonderful plant in our RAWBITE guide to cacao.
Easter completely without eggs and chocolate? Absolutely! We’ve got you covered with our delicious vegan alternatives.

We're Nuts About Almonds

Packed full of goodness, a popular snack, a key ingredient in our delicious RAWBITE bars: almonds tick all the boxes. We take a look at what makes this superfood so special and why you should eat a handful of them every day.
There are a wide range of foods that are rich in proteins – some, including nuts and pumpkin seeds are contained in our bars. Read on to find out more about them and other vegan sources of protein.
New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Here are our brilliant, tasty and sustainable vegan treats for the perfect New Year’s Eve party.
Homemade food is the perfect lunch for foodies – and not just in summer. All you need is a lunchbox and a Kilner jar. Filled with tasty and healthy meals, they’re the ideal answer for great lunches and snacks.
After a busy day at work you probably look forward to a relaxing evening at home – and what better way to unwind than by throwing a little party at home with friends? It’s really easy…
Summer is here at last! Quick – gather up your best pals, chop some veggies for the barbecue, whip up a quick (vegan) pudding with some berries from the garden, squeeze some lemons for fresh lemonade – and you’re good to go!

Fit For Spring

We’re skipping and dancing for joy – because spring has finally sprung! Join us in celebrating with delicious recipes and tips for how to kick off into the warmer months full of energy and joy.

RAWBITE Lime Chip Cookie

Looking for a new cookie recipe? Check out our exclusive RAWBITE chip cookie recipe: created by Marek Witkowski, Nutrition and Health Expert and Senior Sous Chef at Nimb in Copenhagen, in collaboration with RAWBITE.

Some Like it Hot!

Feeling like a cozy downtime? 8 recipes for delicious (hot) drinks to have with your RAWBITE favourites.

RAWBITE Smoothie Bowl

There are many breakfast options in the world… but we came up with creamiest option with a bite to it: Our glorious Smoothi Bowl!

Pimp your RAWBITE Bars

Ever wondered what you can do with a RAWBITE bar? Well, we have created three delicious modifications that will definitely sweeten up your day!


Bread & RAWBITE does not go together? We say: Yes, it does! The creaminess of the nuts combined with the typical RAWBITE "bite" make this spread irresistable.

RAWBITE Cheesecake

The classic afternoon goodie: cheesecake à la RAWBITE! Try it out – you won't be disappointed. Gluten-free delicious!