How to have a seasonal al-fresco feast

Summer is here at last! Quick – gather up your best pals, chop some veggies for the barbecue, whip up a quick pudding with some berries from the garden, squeeze some lemons for fresh lemonade – and you’re good to go! Extra Brownie points if you use only seasonal ingredients.

Fit for spring

We’re skipping and dancing for joy – because spring has finally sprung! Join us in celebrating with delicious recipes and tips for how to kick off into the warmer months full of energy and joy.

RAWBITE Lime Chip Cookie

Looking for a new cookie recipe? Check out our exclusive RAWBITE chip cookie recipe: created by Marek Witkowski, Nutrition and Health Expert and Senior Sous Chef at Nimb in Copenhagen, in collaboration with RAWBITE.


Feeling like a cozy downtime? 8 recipes for delicious (hot) drinks to have with your RAWBITE favourites.

RAWBITE Smoothie Bowl

There are many breakfast options in the world… but we came up with creamiest option with a bite to it: Our glorious Smoothi Bowl!

RAWBITE chocolate glazed rice cracker pralines

Healthy, easy and fast: This is the recipe for you! This special combination of RAWBITE bars, rice cracker and chocolate is easy to make yet tastes delicious!

Pimp your RAWBITE bars

Ever wondered what you can do with one RAWBITE bar? Well, we have created three delicious modifications that will definately sweeten up your day!


Bread & RAWBITE does not go together? We say: Yes, it does! The creaminess of the nuts combined with the typical RAWBITE "Bite" make this spread irresistable.

RAWBITE Cheesecake

The classic afternoon goodie: Cheese Cake à la RAWBITE! Try it out- you won't be disappointed. Gluten free & free of artificial sweeteners!

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