The idea behind RAWBITE was to create a simple and straightforward product that is easy to bring along and enjoy anywhere. This idea resulted in the organic fruit and nut bar, RAWBITE.

BARMER Women's Run

This year we are present at the BARMER Women's Run. Come and join us!

Finish Fitness Festival 2018

The Finish Festival takes place and RAWBITE will join!

Tough Mudder 5k 2018

Let's all challenge ourselves and have fun during the annual Tough Mudder!

Swim around Denmark

Hi, my name is Lars Simonsen. I’m an adventurer, author and motivational speaker from Denmark. I am 41 years old and I have two great kids and one very tough woman. Together we have travelled all over the world during the last 10 years.

Oh Happy Mama!

May 13th is Mother's Day! Of course it's true: We should not say thank you to our mother only on one day a year. But actually, it's really nice to be reminded once a year by an official day that moms are the best.

Fun at the Color Run

This week RAWBITE attended The Color Run - the happiest 5k on the planet, in Copenhagen. The weather was really nice and a lot of people showed up to attend the event.

Rasmus Kragh on the Way to the Peak of Mount Everest

Ever wondered how it is like to hike Mount Everest? Rasmus just told us how RAWBITE helps him to overcome all obstacles.

Wanderlust Festival with RAWBITE

This year we are present at the wanderlust festival in Germany. Come and join us!
Many dream of exercising regularly - with ease. We often stop when it gets difficult. But not Nikolaj, one of our RAWBITE founders.

Why Calories Aren’t the Whole Story

We all know about counting calories, especially with summer right around the corner. We start looking more closely at what’s in our food in terms of the amount of energy delivered. That was the subject of a recent survey about RAWBITE.

Do Certain Foods Make us Happy?

Who doesn’t look for reasons to treat oneself to a little snack now and again? Most times, you always find a reason why you deserve something tasty. The idea that food picks up our mood is generally accepted. But is it true?

RAWBITE Smoothie Bowl

There are many breakfast options in the world… but we came up with creamiest option with a bite to it: Our glorious Smoothi Bowl!
Our mind is like a browser with many open tabs, flashing on all fronts, fighting for our undivided attention. Yet a healthy, properly maintained body remains essential for our well-being.

Why is our Protein Bar Pink?

Our customers ask this question a lot and so far, there has been wild speculation around why our RAWBITE protein bar is packaged in pink.

Trail Mix in a Bar Format

Everybody is familiar with those bags of mixed nuts and dried fruits – so-called ”trail mix“. The name suggests that this type of snack is easy to pack when you are away from home but want to stay energised and healthy.

Five Suggestions for a More Balanced Life

Hustle and stress are the order of the day. Although it would certainly be cool, you don't need a three-week yoga retreat in Bali. We have put together five simple suggestions that should help balance out your life.

Pimp your RAWBITE Bars

Ever wondered what you can do with a RAWBITE bar? Well, we have created three delicious modifications that will definitely sweeten up your day!


Bread & RAWBITE does not go together? We say: Yes, it does! The creaminess of the nuts combined with the typical RAWBITE "bite" make this spread irresistable.

Carbs for Power People

The term "pasta party" is probably familiar to anyone who has ever been involved with endurance sports. Athletes eat a huge portion of spaghetti to fill their bellies prior to heading for the starting line the next day.

RAWBITE Cheesecake

The classic afternoon goodie: cheesecake à la RAWBITE! Try it out – you won't be disappointed. Gluten-free delicious!
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