Every date deserves a second look. Dark brown and rather inconspicuous on the surface, inside it's packed with nutrients. The dried fruits of the date palm provide concentrated power with easily digestible fructose and fiber, which is why the date is the perfect base for our RAWBITE bars. ....

Pimp your RAWBITE bars

Ever wondered what you can do with one RAWBITE bar? Well, we have created three delicious modifications that will definately sweeten up your day!


Bread & RAWBITE does not go together? We say: Yes, it does! The creaminess of the nuts combined with the typical RAWBITE "Bite" make this spread irresistable.

Carbs for power people

The term "pasta party" is probably familiar to anyone who has ever been involved with endurance sports. Athletes eat a huge portion of spaghetti to fill their bellies prior to heading for the starting line the next day. Curbing hunger is not the main focus for this particular ritual, rather it's...

RAWBITE Cheesecake

The classic afternoon goodie: Cheese Cake à la RAWBITE! Try it out- you won't be disappointed. Gluten free & free of artificial sweeteners!
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Welcome to RAWBITE

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