Date with a date – Everything you need to know about this super fruit

Every date deserves a second look. Dark brown and rather inconspicuous on the surface, inside it's packed with nutrients. The dried fruits of the date palm provide concentrated power with easily digestible fructose and fiber, which is why the date is the perfect base for our RAWBITE bars.

Dates as energy suppliers for athletes

As an athlete's snack, the date is very popular because it supplies magnesium. The mineral is indispensable for ensuring balance between tension and relaxation of the muscles. In addition, the date happens to be a rich source of many B vitamins, along with vitamin C, making it the ideal partner for maintaining a healthy and smooth-functioning nervous system that also helps to boost our immune system. And that's not all: Dates also provide potassium and calcium. With a single bite, we're building strong bones and regulating our own blood pressure. Last but not least, dates also supply us with tryptophan, a precursor to the happiness hormone serotonin. Tryptophan also plays an important role in the formation of melatonin, which has a positive effect on falling asleep and is therefore a well-known secret weapon for insomnia in Arabic countries.

The nature of organic dates

As for harvesting and processing, the date is a bit of a diva. Its shiny surface is very sensitive and prone to bruises. All dates for our RAWBITE bars are therefore handpicked, which reduces the chance of the fresh fruit being damaged in a fall. Product quality control begins at the source and we accept only dried fruits that have earned the natural foods certification. Like many of us, the date likes it warm and therefore grows mainly in Africa, but also in the United Arab Emirates. Due to its origin, its high energy and nutrient density, the date bears the nickname ""Bread of the Desert"", and rightly so. Because it's a main ingredient in our fruit & nut bars, you can simply carry your own personal powerhouse around with you to be enjoyed at anytime.  

Enjoy every Bite.

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