Energised Through Fall!

The days get remarkably shorter, the wind freshens, the air gets cooler – and everywhere around us, people start sneezing and coughing. Now it is about time to support the immune system and to take good care of ourselves. Because when your immune system is strong, you can circuit the wave of colds in the best possible way to have an energized start into the fall.

Already grandma knew that domestically farmed vegetables keep the virus away. Year after year it happens: latest in November, light and warmth are missing. Still, there is no space for winter blues, and why would there? The seasonal calendar for regional fruit and vegetables gifts us these days yet again with many crunchy and vitamin-rich treats. The colorful potpourri of fall is being served: beetroot, rutabaga, manifold sorts of pumpkin – they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and dietary fiber. Not to forget parsnips or the pre-biotic winter veggie Jerusalem artichoke. Also, there are many sorts of cabbage, of which some taste the best after the first frost like Brussel sprout or kale. Get the cooking started!

Full power! It’s time for something warm and natural antibodies: what body and soul need in the colder months is completely different food than during summer. Now, warming stews, savory quiche, hot soups and spicy curries strengthen our immune system, warm us up and caress the soul. Best to spice them well, for instance, with ginger. The spicy root operates as antioxidant, detoxes and additionally, it has a bactericidal and fungicidal function. Or take garlic: its sulfurous oils contain allicin. It strengthens the immune system and protects from getting a cold. Spicy ad-ons like chili, pepper or peperoni in the food stimulate the release of endorphins, meaning they give you feelings of happiness and, therefore additional positive energy for the day!

Also, ensuring a good level of zinc will help: the functions of your immune system and the production of energy in the body require a sufficient amount of it. Because the body cannot store zinc very well, it is important to integrate it into your daily diet. That is pretty easy, because peas, soy beans, lentils, chick peas, cereal (oatmeal, flour) and Brazil nuts count to the best zinc providers. Now in fall, simply pay more attention to the uptake of these foods – and the cold time of the year can come!

That being said: go out and welcome fall!

Enjoy every Bite.