Fit and Free into the Fall

Outside, raindrops are pounding on the window glass, inside, the radiator is bubbling, and the fireplaces are lit – hurray, fall is here! With its golden sun, the colorful leaves, but also with fall storms and gray drizzle weather. But hey, that is not reason at all to sing the blues. Now is the best time to hide away, but also to go outside and enjoy nature. We turn up the collars, tie the boots and brave the weather. According to the motto: now even more!

Forest calling! “Forest bathing” has been a trend for a while now, but now is actually the best time to do it. The leaf canopy protects from showers of rain, when the sun is shining, it gets comfortably warm without getting as hot as in summer. Additionally, refreshing air, rich with oxygen, and rustling leaves. The positive effect of forest walks is proven scientifically, surrounded by trees, body and soul respire, the heart opens, stress and tension decrease. A, if wished, warm drink and a RAWBITE bar in the backpack as refreshment – can it even get better?

Don’t be afraid of rain! Whoever has a stable health and pays attention to a few things, can go outside even if it is rainy. When it rains, don’t stand still, movement protects from cooling and thus from a cold. Once you’re back home, get out of the wet clothes and into the hot bathtub or shower, that will nicely relax your muscles. Otherwise: get dry, put on warm clothes and drink a hot cacao or tea – wellness-feelings guaranteed!

A megatrend that continues throughout fall: outdoor fitness. In between jogging-sessions in the park or by the lakes, in many cities you will find outdoor gym machines. But also, park benches are perfect for pushups and co. To start, you can either use the back rest or seating surface as support, pay attention to your body tension and that your shoulders are far away from the ears. If you want to do more, you can go for dips, a very popular exercise to strengthen the upper body and the arms. Just turn around, squat with exhaling, and push up with inhaling. Such a wooden park bench is of course also ideal as a stepper, for lunges and much more. Never has a gym been so cheap, hasn’t it? An extra-advice: a thin cotton or micro fleece hat will keep your ears warm without overheating.

For adventurous souls: running in the terrain, both in sunny and rainy weather! By yourself or with others, trail running in unpaved terrain is the perfect outdoor sport for the chillier time of the year. Puddles and mud are as much part of it as the right gear, a trip through the understory demands good shoes. The effect is enormous: due to quick changes of direction, little jumps or sidesteps, you train your strength, endurance and coordination. Trail running is great fun and will chase away any touch of fall blues, we promise!

The main point is to go outside! You know what they say: there is no bad weather just bad equipment. And so many possibilities to start into fall fully energized and with a lot of fun: paddling through the fog with a kayak, balancing on the slackline, riding your bike at full speed over country roads or chopping wood for your fire place. All over the world, outdoor-fans on Instagram show how good moving in the fresh air feels like.

With hashtags like #fallsports or #outdoorsports you find the proof that the colorful fall is the best time of the year to be outside!

Enjoy every Bite.