Interview with Nikolaj – RAWBITE Founder, Fitness Junkie and Connoisseur

Many dream of exercising regularly - with ease. We often stop when it gets difficult. But not Nikolaj, one of our RAWBITE founders. In this interview, we talk about what drives him, his attitude and maintaining daily routines for a life in balance.

Nikolaj, you’re very active. How do you motivate yourself?

As a rule, I don't need to motivate myself to stay fit. I love sports. The key is to find sport you truly enjoy. If something is fun, then you‘ll want to do it. Sometimes, however, I do challenge myself with an extended run. It's fascinating for me to monitor my own thoughts - especially when I reach my limits - and to see if I can stay focused. I like to consciously follow my inner dialogue and observe what happens in my mind during the run. I can also apply these insights to other areas of my life. If you know how your brain works in stressful situations, then you can master the more difficult phases in life. To me, that's fascinating.

How do you feel about setting fitness goals? Do you set new goals daily or do you aim for achieving one long-term goal?

Goals are good for getting started on something new, but they should not be the main motivation. The activity itself should make you want to get up and move, not just the result. Personally, I do not have a specific goal at the moment, I just want to stay fit, to feel agile and strong even as I get older. In other words, I would simply like to enjoy my life to the fullest.

What do you say to yourself when you’re tired, but you’d like to keep going?

I say to myself: "Keep going, you can do it!" I hear my inner voice telling me to stop, but I ignore it. Everyone has these thoughts, especially if you still have 10 km left to run and your legs feel heavy. I find that you suffer less if you just accept the pain. Thinking about quitting is perfectly normal. My tip: Let such thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky when they block the sun. The sun is always there behind the clouds. When you accept the pain, it's not so bad anymore. Don't expect to achieve something without effort and don't think that pain is your enemy. It's your friend and will help you get stronger.

Name three things that are part of your daily routine in terms of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
1. I move my body for at least two hours at a time, either walking, running or riding a bicycle.
2. I eat all-natural foods.
3. I eat whatever I like.

Thanks, Nikolaj, for this inspiring interview.

We hope these suggestions will help get you moving and to never give up!

Enjoy every Bite.