NEW: Office Box Cashew – Treat yourself to a tasty break

The right snack can power you through even the longest and toughest working day. Need some alternatives to biscuits, crisps or a co-worker’s birthday cake? We’ve got you covered!


We’ve all been there: a working day that feels like swimming through treacle. The right food and snacks can help you through days like these. Don’t force yourself to go hungry; instead  choose nutrient-rich and fibre-rich meals. And if you’re still craving a snack, here’s some meal prep inspiration:  


  • Fruit salad with your favourite fruits
  • Crunchy raw vegetables
  • Crispbread with hummus
  • Corn/rice wafers with avocado or vegetable spreads
  • Trail mix 



If you want to read more about introducing healthy foods into your daily diet, read this article.  


Another really simple but highly effective tip is to take a short but conscious break. Get up, leave your desk and, if you can, enjoy your snack in a different room. Pick a snack that’s light and easily digested so that you return to your desk with renewed energy and concentration.



Our Office Box Cashew packs a real punch

There’s a new addition to the gang! Alongside our chocolaty Office Box Cacao and sporty Office Box Protein we are proud to introduce our creamy Office Box Cashew. The 15g mini bars are the ideal snack between meetings – and what’s even better: they aren’t sticky, they don’t melt or crumble, meaning that you keep your desk tidy, and all those important documents or your keyboard free from crumbs and food remnants.

Our Office Boxes are ideal for the office kitchen, desks or the conference room – and packed with 45 mini bars, they’re perfect for sharing with colleagues.

And just in case you can’t get enough, why not pick up one of our standard 50g RAWBITE bars in nine flavourful varieties. With 100% organic, plant-based ingredients and 0% added sugar or palm oil they comply with the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.

Choose your bite from our great range and explore our colourful variety.

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