Oh Happy Mama!

It's that time of the year again: May 13th is Mother's Day!

Of course it's true: We should not say thank you to our mother only on one day a year. And of course you can also celebrate your mom on any other of the 364 days. But actually, it's really nice to be reminded once a year by an official day that moms are the best. ;-)

In this post we do not want to recommend you to the "30 Greatest Mother's Day Gifts". We believe, that it is often the little things in life that make you happiest. So, if you're lacking inspiration, here's a lot of food for thought for a unique day:

  • A handwritten card
  • A huge Sunday breakfast (you can find a tasty breakfast idea here: spread)
  • A trip to a place that is meaningful to you
  • A photo album with all the forgotten selfies from your phone
  • Concert tickets for her favourite band
  • Take her out to a movie with her favorite actor/actress
  • A little homemade treat (here is a recipe for a delicious cheesecake)

We wish all mothers a wonderful Mother's Day!

Enjoy every Bite.