The RAWBITE Runners Conquering Tough Mudder!

The RAWBITE Runners conquering Tough Mudder!

In the middle of nowhere, we found a great, muddy adventure! Last weekend, we gathered a RAWBITE Runners Team, lead by Sven, to go all in at the Tough Mudder in Southern Germany.

Our RAWBITE runners team crawled through the mud, climbed obstacles, and even maneuvered their way through a labyrinth of wires that giving electric shocks. Luckily, we had a beautifully warm late-summer day, so the mud dried fast and our team was left with huge smiles on their faces!

Besides our booth, were many curious participants of the Tough Mudder tried our bars, we had some loopy-ball fun - after all, who doesn’t love to play around and tackle each other covered in big inflatable balls?

But enough of the words, take a look at our photo gallery and get yourself an impression of this great and fun adventure! That leaves us with just one more thing to say: a big shout-out goes to our fabulous team of RAWBITE runners! You were great, and we are so happy that you were at the Tough Mudder with us!



Stories_Tough_Mudder_04 Stories_Tough_Mudder_03


 Stay tuned and see you soon!