The Secret to Inner Strength

Anyone who wants to be prepared for the small and big challenges of life, must start with himself. Sounds exhausting? It is not - thanks to a few simple strategies to strengthen your inner self:

1. Researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina have a secret recipe for self-motivation: daydreams! According to the experts, anyone who regularly dreams of a beautiful (holiday) location, relaxes the muscles, thereby freeing up reserves of energy and noticeably increasing his concentration. So: up your legs (yes, also in the office), close your eyes and go ...

2. Every success must be celebrated! Why? Because that's the best source of power for future challenges. In the next difficult situation, the brain reminds you of the positive sensations from the past – and then everything often looks a lot easier!

3. Only those who are aware of their own strengths know what they can do - especially in crises. Write down your achievements, for example in a diary. If you do not know what to do and doubt yourself, turn to your notes. You will see that you feel better and stronger and can challenge you with renewed vigor.

4. Surround yourself with people who are good for you! Because they give you strength - in every situation. What about the colleague, who is simply unbearable, but with whom you have to sit in an office every day? Look for the positive qualities of the other person - there are some with each person! Your colleague does not have to become your best friend, but with a little patience and practice, the respective person will soon not only trigger negative feelings in you.

5. A small motivation low or in important meeting is coming up? Many studies by renowned researches show: With a simple but effective trick you can get the necessary power boost. You just need to internalise positive messages! If you tell yourself, "That will be great!" - "I'll definitely perform great", then you increase your chances and feel more powerful at the same time. Try it and be surprised!

6. Whether during a city trip or within a short break in the office: treat yourself with regularly regeneration phases! Mind and soul need creative breaks. Time-outs strengthen the memory and are the prerequisite for ingenuity, creativity and mental balance.

Enjoy every Bite.