Trail Mix in a Bar Format

Everybody is familiar with those bags of mixed nuts and dried fruits  so-called ”trail mix“. The name suggests that this type of snack is easy to pack when you are away from home but want to stay energized and healthy.

Students in Europe  historically from wealthier backgrounds  discovered the benefits of the relatively expensive, imported nuts as far back as the 17th century. They found that their ability to focus improved, which in turn led to increased academic success. ”Brain food“ is also an apt label for this nutritional snack, because the many nutrients are especially healthy for the brain and for the nervous system in general. Dried fruits provide easily digestible fructose, which are carbohydrates that provide energy. And also nuts have some power functions: They are dependable suppliers of omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep you fit and have a positive effect on concentration. Trail mix also contains lots of minerals and vitamins. For instance, Potassium is important for storing water, calcium strengthens the bones and magnesium contributes to healthy muscles in motion.

As you can see: This particular mixture truly has it all. Hence, fruit and nuts are a very clever combination, as we now know for sure. Bags of trail mix, however, are not as convenient for everyday mobility, whether you head to the gym right after work or rush from the lecture hall to your side job. Our RAWBITE bars allow you to have your trail mix  nuts and fruits  in a practical bar. What has always been good for you is now optimized with the convenient RAWBITE. Our colourful bars are the perfect snack for people on the go who wish to maintain a balanced diet. Of course, the fruit & nut bars also happen to be really tasty…

Enjoy every Bite.

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