Vacation? Yes, please! Here is a list of 15 things you should pack

Vacation? Yes, please! Here is a list of 15 things you should pack

Whether a city trip or a beach holiday, these travel essentials are simply indispensable and belong in every luggage. We love traveling - who does not?

If only there was not this tiresome topic: packing the suitcase. Some swear by the last minute number: just throw everything in. Others push piles from left to right weeks in advance. Nevertheless, it often happens that exactly this indispensable part is missing, which one would have needed for holiday destination. We have created a checklist of 15 items, which you should keep in mind when packing!

1 Chargers.

Sure, nothing works without them. In the event that your suitcase does not arrive at the same time, take mobile charging station and charging cable for your cell phone in your carry-on luggage.

2 Neck pillows.

A must on every long-haul flight! However, you should try it before you buy, because if you want sweet dreams, it must fit perfectly.

3 Scarf.

The perfect all-rounder: protects against air conditions during the journey and further it protects you from too much sun and warms you on cool evenings at your destination.

4 Little Beauty Bag.

Useful to have all the important things in the plane such as hand cream, lip care, deodorant, travel toothbrush & Co.

5 Earplugs.

In the meantime, there are even those that not only dampen noise, but adjust to the changing air pressure, e.g. compensate for the landing. Top!

6 First Aid Kit.

Because of sunburn, stomach pain and mosquito bites the beach party must be skipped? Nope! 

7 Adapter for the socket.

Especially indispensable when traveling abroad.

8 Windbreaker.

Suppose you drive into a hot land and you feel the desire to climb a mountain at sunrise - without a Windbreaker it will be unpleasantly fresh.

9 Copy of the passport.

If your passport is lost or stolen, you can still identify yourself and get a replacement document faster.

10 Water shoes.

So that stones, sea urchins and other inconveniences do not spoil our beach holiday!

11 Detergents in a travel format.

Right on the first day the favorite shirt is sweaty or has a stain? No drama, just a quick wash in the sink and ready.

12 Sleep masks.

Not only in the plane a useful matter.

13 RAWBITE bars.

The perfect travel snack! Our fruit and nuts bars will not only satisfy your hunger when the plane meal is unsatisfactory but they are also the ideal energy boost for holiday activities of all kinds.

14 Kindle.

Most airlines charge painfully high prices for excess baggage. A digital reader saves space and loads of weight.

15 Waterproof mobile phone case.

Sand and cream do not like the smartphone. Whether on the beach or underwater - the case also offers space for credit cards, cash or ID.

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